Why are year 11 exam conditions different from year 12?

Okay so today I sat my first exam for year 11 Semester 2 and it got me thinking. Why are they so different from the year 12 exams even though their only reason is to ‘prepare us for year 12’? Seriously, someone’s phone was going off and another person actually got a skype call and yet the supervising teacher did nothing! I couldn’t believe it! In theory, that person should have been in big trouble but apparently not…anyway, I sat the exam and I think I did well which is good but the annoying thing was that I finished 15 minutes early and I couldn’t leave which is another inconsistency with the year 12 exams as I sat two year 12 exams (for further unit 3 and 4) a few weeks ago and I could leave when I wanted! But in year 11, you can’t leave until the allocated time is up. WHY?!? Aside from the exam I also spent the day with my best friends and watched youtubers (big shoutout to Zoella and Pointlessblog) at school in the photography room. Today was a good day! Hope everyone else is having a good day! Stay tuned… 🙂 x


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