There are some horrible people on this planet.

I was scrolling through my facebook today as I was supposed to be cleaning my room (and got distracted…oops) and came across a story that made me question humanity.


Someone had posted in a community group for buying and selling things that she was looking for any information that anyone had about who had cut off her cat’s leg and tail and left it for dead. Now I apologise if this distresses some people as I know it distressed me. The cat is still alive and has been to the vet might I add and will be okay. I just thought I needed to get this story out there. This poor woman had found her cat left on the street to die a horrible death. What kind of people would do that to this poor, defenseless cat? What could they possibly gain from doing this?

From this story I concluded that there are A LOT of terrible people in this world. I also wanted to add that I’m ashamed to live in the proximity of the town that this happened in. What has the world come to where this is seen as okay by so many? I just don’t know.


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