Exams aren’t the end of the world.

Tonight I panicked. Tomorrow morning I have my legal exam for unit 2 and I started getting really anxious. Legal is my best subject and yet somehow is the only subject to stress me out to the point of not caring anymore. I want to do well, I feel like I need to do well, otherwise I’ll be letting myself down.

Then a good friend of mine reminded me that this exam, or any exam for that matter, doesn’t define you. A 2 hour test does not define your worth as a person or as a student. What defines you is who you are as a human being and the path you take yourself down in life and the decisions you make along the way. No matter how much you study, you’re never going to reach the point where you can say “I have no regrets about that exam, I did everything perfectly” because it’s not possible. Everyone will doubt themselves at some point.

You just have to remember that next year, in the long run, these exams will mean nothing. Next week these exams will mean nothing and tomorrow night, my legal exam will mean nothing. All it is is a number on a page that is supposed to tell you how good you are. Don’t let that make you who you are. Relax, watch your favourite movie and don’t worry about tomorrow or next week or next year. It’s just a couple of hours at a desk writing information that will have no relevance the next day. Information you’ll most likely forget after cramming the night before the exam. Information that you will never need to know except in exam and SAC situations.

My advice to you is just cruise. Don’t worry about the little things because soon the little things will become tiny things and then they will be invisible. Have a lovely night everybody. :)🎉📝 x


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