Story time! (YAAAAAY!)

Today I wanted to post the start of a story I’ve been working on just to see what you guys think! This is completely fictional and relates back to something I’m quite passionate about, domestic violence. Fair warning, it may be distressing for some people. Enjoy… 🙂

I watched as his hand flew back at an alarming speed and came in for the blow. He struck across my right cheek. I felt the back of his hand knock my brain around inside my skull as I instinctively drew my hand to my face. It was burning hot. “You’re a stupid girl, Arabella. Stupid, stupid girl,” He growled. I could feel the wet sensation of a tear escaping my eye. “I’m sorry,” I sobbed quietly. He didn’t seem to hear as his palm smacked across my head and my ear. “You shouldn’t have done that Arabella. You know not to do that,” He hissed. It’s true. I shouldn’t have done it. It’s always my fault. If I had have just listened to him everything would have been okay. I did this to myself. “It’ll never…happen again. I promise,” I sobbed.
“Damn right it’ll never happen again. You hear me?” He replied.
“Yes!” I whimpered, “I said yes!”
“Good girl. Now come here.”
I rose from the floor and leaned into him. He hugged me tightly, lovingly, and stroked my long brown hair. “It’s okay darling. It’s okay. I’ll forgive you.” He whispered in my ear.  I could feel the tears roll down my burning cheek and drop onto his shirt. My sobs quietened as I calmed down, still locked in his embrace.  “No more talking to him at work okay? I don’t want to have to do this again. Now go and have a shower and get your mascara off before it gets on my shirt. Off you go,” He said gently. He released me from his arms and I nodded before turning away and heading for the bathroom. I stumbled my way down the hall and shut the bathroom door tightly behind me. I turned the shower on and the hot water began to fill the room with steam. I slowly peeled off my clothes and hugged my arms tightly around my body as I began to cry again. My face screwed up into a mass of skin and tears as I stepped into the shower and let the water wash me away. I slowly dropped to my knees and then to the floor of the shower and curled up into the foetal position. I laid there until finally he came to the door and knocked lightly before opening it. “Honey, are you nearly finished?”He asked. I slowly rose to a sitting position and nodded again. He opened the shower door and held a hand out to me. I took it reluctantly.

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