Shopping haul!

Today I went shopping for Christmas presents so i thought I’d share what I bought for myself today with you guys!

First of all I bought a necklace with matching earrings and another pair of earrings from ‘Lovisa’. The matching set are orange flowers with gold as shown below!


The necklace was on sale for $5 and the earrings were $3 ( TOTAL BARGAIN!). I also bought a pair of English flag earrings for $3 too! I love them!


Next, I got a new make up storage bag from ‘Big W’. It’s got three individual pockets or sections, two of which are clear. It’s black with white dots on it which I think is just so cute.


It cost $15 but it also has a little coat hanger type hook at the top so theoretically I can hang it from my wardrobe which will be super handy.


The next couple of things are also from ‘Big W’ and each cost $3. The one on the left is a ‘Hydrating Body Lotion’ in the ‘Vanilla coconut and spun sugar scent’. I really love this because it smells absolutely amazing! The one on the right is a ‘Skin Smoothie Shower Scrub’ in the ‘Marshmallow Spice’ scent. This one also smells really great and I’m really looking forward to using them soon!


The next thing I bought is an earcuff pack from ‘Factorie’ which cost just $1! It’d been marked down from $6.95 but it’s such good value. I’ve really wanted an earcuff for a long time and I’m so happy that I was able to pick this one up so cheap. Gotta love sales!


And last but certainly not least, I picked up a couple of tote bags from ‘Ghanda’. I only got two different patterns even though I loved all the patterns they had there. The first one is a tree with pastel coloured birds all in it. I really love this one because it’s just something I’ve never seen before.


The second one is an owl that goes from yellow to blue in colour. I also loved this one because of the pattern on the owl. Each of these were just $2 which is so good, especially for a brand like Ghanda.


Just off on a side note, I thought that at the end of each post I’d post a song that I’ve really been loving for you guys to check out. So, today’s song is ‘Come And Get It’ by Selena Gomez. I’ll leave a link to it on youtube down below.

And that’s all today guys! Thanks for reading and let me know what the best bargain you’ve ever found was! šŸ™‚ x


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