What I Got For Christmas!

Hello Everybody! It’s been a while!

Today I’m doing a post about what I was fortunate enough to get this year for Christmas! The first thing I opened was The Hunger Games Trilogy. I already have the set from my 15th birthday but these ones are a special ‘Capitol’ edition so my parents, being the lovely people they are,  bought it for me!


I’ve read The Hunger Games trilogy 5 times now but I’m about to make it 6 after I finish reading the Percy Jackson series. I really love these books and they’re exactly what I wanted as a massive Hunger Games fan.

The next thing I opened was Divergent on DVD! I was so excited to get this because I’ve read the books and I saw the movie at the cinema when it first came out. I’ve been hanging out for the DVD and finally here it is!


It’s such an amazing book to film transition which I think was approached in a really good way. I was so happy to get this!

The third thing I unwrapped was a set of 5 pastel nail polishes. I LOVE PASTELS! I don’t have a favourite colour but I love all pastels! Needless to say I painted my nails Christmas day!


And last but certainly not least, I opened a box to see The Sims 4! I’ve been so excited to try this game out because I love The Sims 3 and the character development looks and is amazing. I spent an hour just fiddling around with the facial and bodily features of my sims and loved every second of it!


However, I did find build and buy mode a lot more confusing but I’m getting used to it! Definitely a game to give a try!

The song for this post is ‘Fix a Heart’ by Demi Lovato. It’s such an amazing song and when you listen to the lyrics, it’s quite powerful as well. Enjoy!


That’s all for today folks! I hope you all had a lovely break and got heaps of great gifts! Merry Christmas! 🙂 x


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