Why Facing Your Fears Will Make You A Better You.

Today I wanted to talk about something that actually relates to life.

I’ve recently faced a fear of mine and I’ve realised that it’s made me feel so much more free. So, today, I hope I can inspire you to stand up and face a fear of your own.

My fear is love. 2 years ago, my heart shattered into a million pieces when my boyfriend of 1 year and 5 months decided he liked another girl better. This rejection from someone who I thought loved me, twisted my insides somehow. Since then I haven’t been able to commit to people. It just scares the hell out of me. The thought of someone loving me also scares me. What if they leave me? What if I’m not good enough? What if I wreck this?

But recently I’ve opened up to the idea and now I feel like the world is lighter, I can breathe just a little bit easier and I have some confidence back.

This experience has also inspired me to take another leap of faith in my chosen career path. Although ideally it’s still 3 years away before I will go to uni, I’ve decided to follow my dream of being a fashion designer. I love sewing and I love fabric and fashion. This is scary for me because it’ll mean moving to a big city and being on my own which also scares me. But, hell, it’s my life and I’m going to enjoy it.

There’s no point holding yourself back. The only person who will benefit from that is the people you’re up against going into your chosen course and career. Give yourself some challenges and even more importantly, give your competition even tougher challenges.

This week I want to set a challenge for you. This week I want you to take a leap of faith. Whether it be finding your true passion or telling that certain guy or gal that you like them. Just do it. Don’t think twice; take a risk and live.

So go on. I challenge you to do something this week. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work out because you know that you just did something for you.

It’s time we started to live our lives the way WE want to. Not the way society or our parents or friends expect. Not the way the popular kids at school expect. Live your life the way you expected when you were 10. Imagine that life and chase it.

Because if you don’t, somebody else will.

Who knows? Maybe it’ll be the best thing you ever did.

Let me know how it goes in the comments and good luck my lovelies.


2 thoughts on “Why Facing Your Fears Will Make You A Better You.

  1. I love this idea of just forgetting what everyone thinks of you, really putting yourself out in the world and allowing your fears to be faced and actually living because you’re not afraid.


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