The Australian Tag!

Happy Australia Day!

Today I’m going to do the Australian Tag (even though I wasn’t tagged). So here it is!

1. What state do you live in?
I’ve always lived in Victoria.

2. What states have you visited?
I’ve been to South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory and the ACT.

3. What do you order at Boost Juice?
I usually get the watermelon crush one.

4. Choose one: Supré, Valley Girl or Cotton On.
Umm definitely Cotton On. Supré to me just seems really childish.

5. Sportsgirl or Dotti?
I haven’t really had anything to do with either of them but probably Dotti.

6. Who is your favourite Aussie actor?
Liam Hemsworth. I mean, he’s hot, he’s in The Hunger Games and he has a cool beard.

7. Describe your formal night in High School.
My formal last year was absolutely amazing. We danced all night and sang along to every song. It was just such a great night with all my friends.

8. Do you like vegemite and how do you eat it?
I love vegemite but not when it’s really thick or off a spoon. On toast or bread is the way to go! Oh and I always have butter with it.

9. Have you ever pet a kangaroo?
Yes, when I was about 5.

10. Have you ever seen the Sydney Harbour Bridge?
Yes, a few times now. It’s spectacular.

11. Do you say mate?
I do, most of the time just to mock the stereotype but sometimes i do just say it.

12. Do you say g’day?
Only ever when I’m mocking it.

13. Flip flops or wedges?
In Australia we call them thongs and I’d definitely go with them.

14. Jumper or sweater?
Jumper! What even is a sweater?

15. Overall what do you think of Australia?
I think Australia is a great place to live. I love the stereotypes and making fun of them. Definitely come visit if you don’t live in Australia, the beaches are amazing!

Well there you go guys! The Australia tag!

I’ll be posting some pics later of my Australia Day party. Stay tuned!


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