The Runner – Part Two

Hello again! It’s been a while, I know. But to make up for it, here’s another part of the last story I posted! Enjoy!

I wake up the next morning with a neck ache, a back ache and a head ache. I swivel around on the thin mattress until I’m in a position to stand up. Hesitantly, I shift my weight onto my feet and stretch as I stand. At least my legs still work. I look at my socks and boots next to where I stand and decide I won’t put them on. I slowly walk back the way I had come the night before with Joe, hoping that I wouldn’t take a wrong turn in the maze that was this police station. I turn a corner and walk straight into a police officer.

“Oh my god, sorry,” I blurt.
“Oh my, don’t worry; you must be the girl that can’t remember her name. I’m Dr. Preen, the psychologist. I’m here to speak with you, actually,” she replied. Oh great. The shrink.
“Right, of course. Um, would you mind if I got something to eat first? I’m really hungry.”
“I believe the officers are bringing in some corn flakes and orange juice for you. Shouldn’t be a moment, follow me.”

Dr. Preen leads me down another series of hallways until we end up in a small room with one wall completely made of that one way glass that’s supposed to look like a mirror but  doesn’t actually fool anybody, no matter how stupid they may be. She gestures for me to sit in the chair that’s tucked under the small table, two of the only three items of furniture in the room.
“So, officers Joseph and Kevin explained to me what happened last night. Could you explain to me again what your recollections of last night’s events were?” She says in a soothing voice.
“Okay. Well, the first thing I remember is running down the road towards the police station. I could see it. I remember the sweat in my hair and it running down my face. I was exhausted; I guess I’d been running for a while. Then once I finally got here I crashed through the front doors and there was Joe, I mean, Joseph. He got me a glass of water and then he and Kevin asked me questions but I didn’t know the answer to any of them. I still don’t. And then I went to bed, woke up and now I’m here.” I try to hide the shakiness in my voice. Dr. Preen starts scribbling notes on a piece of paper and I wonder whether I’ve said something wrong as I see her eyebrows knit together in what looks like anger. I hear the door creak open and turn to see Joe walking in with a bowl of cereal and a glass of OJ. He looks absolutely exhausted. That’s when I glance at the clock and realize that it’s only 7.04. I usually wouldn’t be up this early, uni doesn’t start until 10. Wait, how did I remember that?
Joe places the bowl in front of me and offers my eyes a flash of that gorgeous smile. I smile back nervously. God, I’m in the middle of nowhere with no clue who I am and I’m thinking about boys. Maybe I really am crazy. Dr. Preen glances up over the top of her small glasses and nods towards the bowl. “Eat up,” she says gently, “we have a busy morning ahead of us.”

I hope you enjoyed the next bit of the story! Hopefully I can find time to keep writing. Let me know in the comments if you want to read more!

Bye! 🙂 x


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