Top 10 Funny Memes From Facebook!

I’m not going to lie, I spend a lot of time on my phone and, more specifically, Facebook. It’s probably not healthy but eh, it’s okay. So today I wanted to post the 10 best posts/pictures/memes that I’ve stumbled upon on my journey through the world of Facebook. (That sounds so much more exciting than it actually is.)

So here goes!



I found this one today and I laughed for a good few minutes before I could explain to my dad why I was laughing. I think he thought I’d lost it.



I thought this one was so cute and also slightly disturbing but hey, i giggled, so here it is.



This is something that I would buy. I feel bad for my kids, they’re going to suffer.



This post literally gave me abs from the amount of laughing that I did. I love these kind of things, they’re so hilarious.



I don’t know about anyone else but I LOVE PUNS. I have a habit of making really really bad ones that makes my family groan in shame and this post reminded me of the amount of horrible puns in that movie.



I love this one because I would totally be the wife in that situation.



Oh my goodness this post made me cry with laughter. Again, this is something that I would do. I can see it happen in my head.



I read John Green’s book Looking For Alaska about a month ago and it was a great book. I love how sarcastic the dad in this is. He reminds me of my dad.



As a girl, I love period jokes and metaphors. This was no exception.



And last but not least, this. This is something my friends and I would do if we were the type to get super drunk. Again, i laughed at this for a good few minutes before I could contain myself.

I hope you liked this post today and I hope it gave you a good laugh! If you want to see more head on over to my twitter @ElloFrancis97 to see when I post again.

Thank you! 🙂 x


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