May Favourites!

It’s the last day of May and I’m determined to stay on top of my monthly favourites so here it is!

1. Perks of being a wallflower.
I love love LOVE this movie. I watched it the other day and absolutely fell in love with it. I bought the book today and I will start reading it as soon and I finish the Heroes of Olympus series. The movie, and particularly Logan Lerman, was amazing. It was so beautifully constructed and the acting in it is top notch. (Plus, Emma Watson is in it)

2. Headbands.
Lately I’ve been really loving wearing headbands. I’ve acquired a few and if I could wear them to school I’d be wearing them everyday. I find that they’re just so good for finishing off an outfit.

3. Gold eyeliner.
At Priceline a couple weeks ago I picked up a gold eyeliner from the covergirl stand. It’s the Ink It! in the colour 235 Golden Ink. I really love it and it gives my eyes a really elegant finish. It was on sale for $10 too so that was a bonus.

4. Apocalips.
Also at Priceline there was the new Apocalips lip lacquer from Rimmel London. It is so amazing. It goes on so effortlessly and lasts so long. It’s glossy but not in a lip balmy kind of way. I really love this lip colour and the consistency of it makes it comfortable and light to wear as well.

5. Eye crayon.
At Kmart I picked up an eye crayon in a golden/bronze colour for $2 and it has completed my life. It’s so quick and easy to put on yet looks like eye shadow. It lasts ages and doesn’t weigh down your lid. If you’re looking for a way to get that elegant and shimmery eye shadow look in half the time then definitely get onto some eye crayons.

That’s everything for this month. If you want to see more posts then yiu can follow my blog or head on over to my twitter account @ElloFrancis97 to get updates when I post again. Thanks! 🙂 


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