5 Weird Things I Like To Do!

Hello again! So I’ve decided to stay home today from school with my brother (who is struggling at the moment with some things) and I thought of some of the many weird things i do. So, of course, I thought I’d make a post about it and hopefully give you guys and gals a bit of a giggle. So here we go…

1. Towels.
I always, ALWAYS, have to have the tag of the towel on the bottom right hand side when I’m wearing it. It’s so weird but it has to be the right hand side even if that means the towel is back to front and upside down.

2. Alarms.
I like to leave my alarms on for the morning when I don’t have to get up early because when it goes off I can turn it off and have the satisfaction of going back to sleep. Am I the only one who does that…?

3. Bank Account.
I check the balance in my bank account almost everyday even if I haven’t spent any money. I don’t know whether it’s so I know that it hasn’t disappeared or because I like to know how much I have in reserve but I do it almost automatically now.

4. Odd Socks.
You will never, i repeat NEVER, see me wearing odd socks. I hate them. I think it would physically hurt me to put on two different socks. If I can’t find a match for a sock then it will most likely never be worn again (unless of course the rogue sock shows up).

5. Stress.
I stress myself out over being stressed. Does that make any sense? I think most stress heads like me do this but if I have a lot to do I get so stressed that I can’t do any of it which then makes me more stressed…it’s a vicious cycle!

And that is all for today! Let me know if any of you do any of these too (let me know I’m not completely crazy ;)) by commenting down below. Thanks for reading today! Byyye 🙂 x


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