June Favourites!

Hello again! This last month has been absolutely CRAZY! I’ve had non stop SACs at school, my art final due and all these other exciting year 12 things. However, this last week I have been relaxing and chilling out on holidays! (YAY). I’ve had a lot of things I’ve loved this month so let’s jump straight into it!

1. Nail polish.
Since I haven’t had school, I’ve been able to experiment (finally) with my essence nail polishes. My favourite one so far is in the colour 40: Play with my mint. As it says, it’s a really bice pastel green with a hint of mint. It’s such a beautiful colour!

2. 5 Seconds Of Summer.
Recently my best friends have got me onto 5SOS. I know, I’m about a year late, but I have absolutely fallen in love with their album. My favourite songs at the moment are ‘Don’t Stop’ and ‘Good Girls’. Their music is perfect to rock out to in your bedroom after a long hard day!

3. Formula 10.0.6.
This facial cleanser has become a part of my daily morning and night routine. It deeply cleanses your pores and wipes away dirt and oil. It makes my skin feel so clean and fresh and has made my spots much less prominent. If you’re looking for a really great cleanser on a budget, this is your product as it only set me back $8.99 from Priceline.

4. Lipstick by Colour by TBN.
This maroon/red lipstick is perfect for winter. It’s in the colour 877 ‘Lip Attitude’ and it goes with just about everything. It’s a statement lip colour that gives your face a bright and sophisticated look to match any outfit. Absolutely a must have!

5. Wish.
This online shopping app has been my go to app whenever I’m bored. I’ve bought so many things from there in the last month and a half and it’s all been so cheap! Wish has just about anything you could ever wish for! (Pun intended). Definitely go check it out!

That’s all for the month of June! I hope you enjoyed this post and if you want to see more then you can follow my blog or head on over to my twitter account @ElloFrancis97 to get updates when I post again. Thanks for reading! Bye! 🙂 x


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