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8 Lessons That High School Has Taught Me.

High school can be a fun, brilliant time of your life as you’re making great life long friends and discovering who you are as a person. But high school can also be so absolutely traumatizing and horrible at times. But, for some reason adults always tell us that they’re the best years of our lives.

Over the past 6 years I’ve gone to school at the same school with mostly the same people. Throughout those years I’ve learnt a few things.

1. This is NOT high school musical. I know, I’m sorry kids, but it’s the harsh reality. High school is in no way as fun as the Winter Musical at East High with Troy and Gabriella singing ‘Breaking Free’ to the entire school cohort. It’s not getting a summer job together at a resort and becoming great friends after singing about the status quo. No. There is a lot of bitching, there is a lot of backstabbing and there is a hell of a lot of friendships ending. Sure enough not everyone is your cup of tea and vise versa but throughout high school you’re bound to lose and gain some friends. This isn’t always a bad thing though so try to look at it from a different perspective.


2. Homework can be hard. High school doesn’t always mean all work and no play but during your years there it’s more than likely that there is going to be a time when it all just gets too much and the world seems impossible. This is the time when you need your best friends to go out on the town (or if you’re under 18, stay at home and rewatch HSM approximately 46 times) and have some fun. If you find your homework is getting too much try talking to your teachers or the student wellbeing representative at your school to see what you can do.


3. Take advantage of the school counselor. This year I’ve seen my school counselor every week since the start if term 2 and I really wish I’d seen her sooner. She is the loveliest person I’ve ever met and it really helps to talk everything out and to view things from every position. It doesn’t even matter if nothing serious has happened, there’s always something that you can discuss with a trained professional. If your school counselor isn’t this helpful then don’t fret as there are plenty of free counseling services, especially for teens. Try checking out BeyondBlue or KidsHelpLine.


4. Don’t bother fighting the uniform requirements. It’s honestly not worth the time and energy. At my school the uniform is very important for our education (apparently I can’t learn if I have 2 earrings in one ear or I don’t have my hair tied up) and I ended up giving up trying to fight it. It’s just too annoying to constantly have to worry about being told off when I can avoid that and just follow the stupid rules.


5. Try not to let a break up get to you. Relationships in high school very rarely last. In saying that, there’s  a couple in my year who got together in year 7 and they’re still going strong but majority of the time the relationships end. But that’s completely fine as you’re finding your own path and exploring what you like and don’t like in a boyfriend/girlfriend. However, if you do experience a break up, make sure you talk to your friends about how you feel and don’t bottle it up because that is definitely not going to make you feel any better. Always forgive even if you can’t forget.


6. Allow yourself some ‘me’ time. With school, social commitments, working, family and everything in between, it can be hard to find time to relax by yourself. Try taking a bath or doing a meditation session at home or even give yoga a go. Anything that really calms and relaxes you is good to do, especially when you’re stressed.


7. SLEEP IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. Whether it be a nap or a 9 hour sleep, it’s all very refreshing for your mind. Don’t let yourself become sleep deprived or build up a lot of sleep debt because this is bad for both your mental and physical self. There are too many teens not getting enough sleep due to things like tv and youtube (guilty) and end up not being able to concentrate in class. Make sure you get at least 8 hours sleep per night! It is so essential to your wellbeing in more ways than one.


8. Friendships can last forever. Sure, you win some, you lose some. But some of those wins are going to stay with you for the rest of your life. These people are the positive people around you that make you feel at your best and that love you to pieces. NEVER LET THEM GO! Make sure you sing Ed Sheeran songs together in your 70’s while your grandchildren judge you with their iPhone 57’s. Keep these people close because they are your best friends and while sometimes you might fight, you know that no matter what you’ll always be there for each other. One of my best friends I have been friends with for 6 years ever since she had to scrub a snail off my back in the art room in year 7. (Long story short, another friend of mine threw it at my back). Love these people with everything you are because they’re worth it.


There you have it, my biggest lessons that I’ve learnt from High School. I hope you enjoyed this post today! Thanks for reading 🙂 x

Paper Towns – Book or Movie?

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen/read Paper Towns yet and don’t want to see spoilers then don’t read ahead! However, if you are one of those people that love spoilers, keep reading!

Okay, first of all I want to acknowledge yet another wonderful John Green book being made into a movie. I mean, who didn’t love ‘The Fault in Our Stars’? I love John Green as an author and I can’t wait for the movie adaption of ‘Looking for Alaska’.

Speaking of movie adaptions, ‘Paper Towns’ is one of my new favourite movies (along side The Hunger Games trilogy) since I went and saw it at the cinema. I was really excited to see it because I knew it would make an even better movie than a book. Don’t get me wrong, the book was great, but the movie was just so much better.

For me the book seemed to drag on a bit as Quentin is looking for Margo and following the clues she’s left. I think the movie just flowed better and allowed the story line to progress just that little bit easier than the book did.

There are a couple of differences between the book and the movie and one of the major ones is that they cut out the Sea World scene. I was sad about this but I think it was a reasonable cut as it would have made the movie too long. Another major change was the more active role that Radar’s girlfriend Angela plays. Unlike the book, she too joins the gang on the roadtrip to Margo’s hideout. I actually really loved this change. It made Radar seem more important in the movie and like his character had a worthy storyline also.

I also absolutely loved the castings. Cara Delevingne is absolutely perfect for Margo, in my opinion. She represents everything I imagined Margo to be and more. It was also great to see Justice Smith (Radar) and Austin Abrams (Ben) be cast as their characters because they actually looked like the age they were supposed to be playing. For once, in movie history, they didn’t hire a 25 year old to play an 18 year old. I was happy that they cast Nat Wolff as Quentin as well because I loved his performance in ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ as the humorous Isaac.

Side note: who else loved the fact that they got Ansel Elgort (Augustus Waters in ‘The Fault in Our Stars’) to be the checkout guy at the gas station? I’m not going to lie, there were squeels in the cinema. (Mostly coming from me).

Finally, something that relates to the movie and the book is the ending. I LOVED that it was not your stereotypical teenagers falling in love. It was about Margo finding herself and becoming who she wanted to be. It wasn’t about love or anything like that. It was purely about growing up and finding who she was in the only way she knew how.

Overall I really loved the book but I loved the movie even more. It was the best movie I’ve seen so far this year (Insurgent wasn’t far behind) and it will probably be my favourite from the year (besides Mockingjay Part 2 of course).

If you’re one of those people who read ahead purely for spoilers then go chdvk out the book and the movie and see what you think!

Thanks for reading today, I hope you enjoyed it! 🙂 x

The Unexpected, Mysterious and Interesting Boy – Chapter 2

Welcome back! If you haven’t read the first chapter then I’d recommend reading that first. I hope you enjoy this next chapter as much as I’ve loved writing it!

O-week went by in a flash that involved parties and drinking and I think (don’t take my word for it because I was completely smashed) a bit of an ass grab. Oops. I reminisce about the fun I had and the new friends I met as I sit on the train on the way to Melbourne. Every time I think about starting classes I get a swarm of butterflies doing back flips in my stomach. It’s both exciting and nerve racking at the same time. I go back to reading ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ by Stephen Chbosky to try and distract myself. Before I know it, I’m captivated by this book again. I’m up to page 160 when the train pulls into the Southern Cross Station. I hurriedly put my book back in my bag and leap from my seat for the door. Once I’m off the train and making my way up the platform, my phone goes off. I slip it out of my back pocket and see that it’s a text from Harper.

‘Good luck today gorgeous! You’ll do great! Much love xx’

God she’s cute. Sometimes I think I actually have the best friends in the whole entire world. I know it’s cheesy, but still. I shoot back a text while walking and only accidentally bump into one person, one bag and one bench. That’s success in my books. After five minutes of walking I find myself standing outside the Institute. I walk through the revolving door and cross the main reception area to the elevators where there are about 20 students waiting to be taken up. After my experience with the stairs in the hotel I decide to take the stairs up to the 3rd floor and into lecture hall number 2, the place where I have my first lecture. I’m not disappointed by the expectation that TV shows have given me of lecture halls. It’s absolutely huge. There would have to be at least 500 seats. I choose an empty seat next to one of the girls I met in O-week, Blake.
“Hey Blake, is anyone sitting here?” I ask nervously.
“Oh no sweetie, have a seat,” she hums. I take a seat and glance around the huge hall. Of the approximately 500 seats, only about 50 are filled. I check my watch. 10.07, the lecture is supposed to start in 8 minutes. I get my books out and set myself up for an interesting lecture. I then start to wonder what our Professor will talk about today. Considering it’s our first lecture, it’ll probably be something introductory. “So, Jayda, are you excited to start?” Blake asks.
“Oh yeah, I can’t wait. Hopefully we’ll get into some of the practical stuff soon.”
“Ugh same, I really want to do some nude sketches, that’d be so cool. I love drawing the unique contours and lines of the human form. It’s just so intriguing to me that every body shape is different and what some people consider to be beautiful others might see as not. Humans are crazy,” she laughs, “anyway, enough about me. What do you want to do this year as your exploratory medium?”
“I want to get into sculpting. I love working with clay, plaster, anything that I can manipulate into shapes of forms. Last year I made a statue out of air dry clay that worked out really well for me.”
“Oh nice, that sounds so exciting! I can’t wait to see what everyone is going to do.” Just as I’m about to reply, we hear a crashing sound outside the door. I look at Blake and raise my eyebrows. We both get up and go to investigate the noise. As soon as we reach the door, we see a disfigured wheelchair that appears to have been dropped from the balcony walkway overhead the hallway. At the top of the walkway stands a very smug looking guy who’s wearing all black, from head to toe. Once he sees the crowd beginning to gather, his smile drops and he backs away quickly from the edge of the balcony. As he runs off, I see a girl pull herself over to the glass panelling to look over the edge. She’s using her hands and arms to move so I can only assume it was her wheelchair that’s now a crumpled mess on the ground. Her face drops as she sees the 15 or so people that have gathered around the wheelchair. No one else seems to have noticed the girl. While trying to keep my eye on her, which is stupid because she’s obviously not going anywhere in a hurry, I walk over to the stair case and climb them to the balcony. Once I reach the top of the stairs I can see the girl slump against the glass panel while a single tear makes its way down her cheek. I approach slowly so that I don’t give her a fright. She notices me and makes a quick swipe of her hand across her face to wipe away the tears that followed the first one. From my bag I pull out a tissue and offer it to her with a sympathetic smile on my face. She smiles shyly back and accepts the tissue. “Hey, are you okay?” I ask quietly. She nods as she blows her nose.

“Did you know that guy?” I ask gently. She looks so sad that I feel absolutely horrible for even asking.
“No, I don’t. He just…I don’t know.” I feel as though she’s holding something back but I don’t have the heart to push her for information. “Do you know where we can go to get a new wheelchair? Maybe the sickbay…?” She shakes her head in disappointment. “I can call my brother, he can come and get me,” she whispers. She reaches for her phone from her bag and types in his number. After a few rings he picks up. “Hey, it’s me. I need you to come get me.” She glances at me and I instantly feel like I’m eavesdropping. I awkwardly shuffle over to the other side of the balcony and look down at more people gathering around the mangled mess of metal and rubber. When I turn around she’s hanging up the phone. “Is he coming to get you?” I ask.
“Yeah, he said he’ll just be a few minutes. He’s got to get from the other building to this one. He’s studying law.” We both nod slightly. I sit down next to her and lean my back against the cool glass. After a couple minutes of silence and while someone below sparks the idea to take the wheelchair to the registration office, we look at each other and she says, “Hey, thanks for coming up here for me. It’s nice to know someone’s here to look out for me.” She smiles weakly.
“Oh yeah, of course. Anytime.” I grin back a really dorky grin which sets me off laughing at myself. She then starts giggling as well. A few seconds later, a guy comes racing up the stairs in a huff. “Are you okay? What happened?” He breathes. I’m about to answer for her when I look at the guy and find myself face to face with mystery boy. He’s here. I stumble on my words for a few seconds while he looks at me quizzically until the girl speaks up and tells him that some guy pulled her out of her chair and threw it over the edge. Mystery boy’s face changes from panicked to murderous. I swear if that guy had come back he’d be the next thing over the edge of the balcony and would probably end up being a splat mark on the tiled floor. He walks over to her and with ease scoops up his sister and begins making his way towards the elevator. I stand there staring blankly as he waits patiently for the ding that indicates that it’s on this level. Just as the doors are opening he glances back at me with his striking blue eyes and sharp jaw line. “Thanks for looking after Sam.” He steps into the elevator and the doors shut while I process the last ten minutes. What a crazy start to my first day of uni.

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The Unexpected, Mysterious, Interesting Boy – Chapter 1

This is a new story that I’ve started so I hope you enjoy it 🙂

I shut the door to my room and lean against the back of it as a smile creeps onto my face. I replay the moment in my mind as I try to remember every little detail. He was totally, one hundred percent checking me out. I’ve never been the kind of girl to have flings with people; I’ve always been a relationship kind of person. But he has somehow inspired me to consider flings. I allow myself a little squeal of excitement at my new profound confidence. Maybe I could be the girl that could go out clubbing and hook up with people and never see them again. I mean, it was fun knowing I could be whoever I wanted to be. I can be that flirty and excitable girl that’s not shy around attractive guys. I can just kiss people and walk away with that perfectly teasing smile that challenges them to find you again. But there’s just one problem. I’m not that girl. I can’t wait for Zahra and Harper to get back with lunch so I can tell them about my little adventure down at the bar. We came to Melbourne for a girl’s weekend away after Christmas and before we all start uni and before O week, which is in a few days. I’m going to Melbourne to study sculpting and art while Zahra is off to Geelong for fashion and Harper is studying to become a social worker in our hometown of Leppin. We chose Melbourne as our destination for its amazing old buildings and busy atmosphere. What’s a little chaos in the city compared to three years of artistic chaos at uni? Well, I don’t know yet, I’ll find out in a few days. I start to feel anxious whenever I think about uni. The university is two hours away from home and all my friends and family. I don’t know anyone yet. At least I get to go home every night which means I’ll be commuting to Melbourne everyday for the next three years. Or, at least until I find a place to rent or someone to rent with. Speaking of someone to rent with, maybe mystery boy is looking for a roommate…I move from the door and pass the mirror. I glance at myself with my cheesy grin and roll my eyes. Sometimes I swear it’s impossible for me not to think about anything and everything. I laugh a little and jump onto my bed. I lay sprawled out like a starfish in my swing dress and tights and wonder what life will be like as a uni student. Parties, clubs, drinks, boys; all the fun things. Well, supposedly. I suddenly feel the need to go back down to the hotel’s bar and get this guy’s number. If I hurry, maybe I can catch him. I roll off the bed and land on my toes with my fingers on the floor so that I’m sitting in a kind of spiderman position. It’s these kinds of things that make me question my sanity. I laugh out loud again and grab my room card and purse and open the door only to find Zahra and Harper staring at me with a shocked expression on their faces. Harper is carrying a bag from Grill’d and Zahra’s hand is locked around the room card as if she was literally just about to open the door herself. “Hi!” I grin at them uncontrollably and we all burst out in laughter at me. “What happened?” Zahra says while trying to stop laughing as I float back into the room with them in tow. “Oh, I met a guy…” I turn dramatically with my hand on my forehead insinuating that I’m a woman in love from a 1960’s movie. This brings on more laughter. “Seriously? Where?” Harper asks excitedly. “I went down to the bar because I thought, hey, why not? Then I’m sitting there drinking my coke and this guy, who, might I add, is drop dead gorgeous, starts glancing at me. Eventually we make eye contact and sparks just flew!” I flop down onto my bed again and sigh, “It was magical.”
“Well, it sounds like you just began a modern day fairytale,” Zahra says as she climbs onto the bed next to me. “Oh yeah, sounds like you found your prince charming Jay,” Harper says seductively. Once again we laugh together. “Alright, who’s hungry?” Zahra asks. “Meeeee!” Harper and I yell together. We tuck into the burgers and chips which somehow silences us as we eat. Half way through my burger I remember that I was going to go back down to the bar and find my mystery man. “Oh my gosh! I forgot!” I leap off the bed and out the door before Zahra and Harper can even ask where I’m going. I slam my hand onto the elevator button and wait 10 seconds before I decide it’s taking too long and decide to take the stairs instead. I jump down them two at a time until I reach the ground level. Considering we’re on level 5 it’s a pretty good effort. I pause at the bottom of the steps and catch my breath before walking out into the bar area. I quickly scan the room searching for the mystery guy but come up empty. He’s gone.

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