My Top 6 Favourite Disney Movies!

I love Disney films and grew up watching them. So here is a list of my all time favourite movies!

1. Tangled.
I love, love, LOVE Tangled! It is my absolute favourite Disney movie ever. I love the soundtrack, the story line, the non stereotypical Prince and everything else wonderful that comes with this movie. I also love the sidekick animals and the fact that there’s two of them, Pascal and Maximus. Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi are so great as the voices of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. I pretty much just love everything about this movie from start to finish.

2. Brave.
Brave is an extremely influential movie for kids to watch. I think it’s so great because it looks into themes of finding who you are and learning to appreciate the people around you, in particular family. It’s a very entertaining movie and I love the Scottish accents so much!

3. Frozen.
I know, I know. We’re all very tired of all the Frozen hype but it is a fantastic movie. The soundtrack is also one reason I love it. Besides, the fact that, again, the ‘Prince’ that Anna ends up with isn’t a Prince and is an ordinary person, reinforces the idea that you can find true love for just being you *sigh*. Frozen also confronts themes of self identity and how scary it can be to be yourself. All in all, a great film.

4. Beauty and the Beast.
I mostly love this movie for the talking furniture but also because Belle loves reading like me! I love the fact that it’s such a different Disney film where the princess isn’t saved by the Prince (for once). Also Belle’s dress is TO DIE FOR.

5. The Lion King.
Who doesn’t love the Lion King? It’s a Disney favourite world wide and rightly so. It hits you in the feels every time Mufasa falls into the stampede. Every. Single. Time. I think Hakuna Matata is such a great lesson for kids to learn as well as it helps to reassure them that sometimes we do just need to not worry and move on.

6. Peter Pan.
I grew up watching this movie whenever I could because I loved the hysterical shenanigans that Captain Hook and the alligator got up to. It’s also a really fun movie, despite learning what the true meaning of the film is.

Thanks for reading today! I hope you enjoyed this post! If you want to see more like it then feel free to follow my blog. Bye! šŸ™‚ x


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