Why I Hate Driving A Manual Car.

I turn 18 in a couple of weeks. This is an exciting thing. However, I’m also taking my driving test in a couple of weeks. This is not an exciting thing. In fact, this thing is absolutely terrifying for me.

I have been driving for almost 2 years now in both my dad’s manual and my mum’s auto (said auto is now my beloved car). Most of that driving has been in an auto which is great because I think they’re a lot easier to drive. Obviously.

In preparation for my driving test I’ve had a couple of lessons with a driving instructor around my hometown. I’ve done these lessons in a manual which has renewed my hate for manual cars. So I’ve put together the top 4 things that I hate about driving a manual car.

1. The Gears.
Obviously being a manual car, this means you have to change gears. That’s fine, except for when you’re driving around in the middle of town and have to stop at LITERALLY EVERY SET OF LIGHTS BECAUSE APPARENTLY RED LIGHTS HATE YOU. I absolutely hate having to change down gears then take off again and change gears again and again. It drives me insane. (Ha, get it?)

2. Stalling The Car.
In my two driving lessons I’ve managed to stall the car 4 times. While I’m not a bad driver, I’m just not very good in a manual. There is a fine balance between the release of the clutch and the intensity of the acceleration, a line that I am not very good at spotting. Now, stalling a car on your first few drives is normal, no one can judge you on that. But stalling it after 2 years of driving is pretty embarrassing. Especially when there’s a bunch of cars behind you. *Self high five*

3. Hill Starts.
I literally can not do hill starts. They are the work of the devil, I swear. Once when I was driving my dad’s manual, I had to stop at a roundabout and do a hill start to get going again. The problem was, there was some idiot driver that pulled up right behind me and I had no space. I started freaking out and tried to do the hill start and just rolled backwards. Luckily dad pulled the handbrake on before we hit them but I’ve been traumatized ever since. Hill starts are bad.

4. The Unnecessary Fact That The Car Is A Manual.
Seriously though why are manuals even a thing anymore? Automatic cars are everywhere so I don’t understand why all cars can’t just be automatic and be done with it. It seems unnecessary and a waste of time when we could just be getting the car to change its own gears. I mean come on car companies, get with the times.

I hope you enjoyed my little rant about manual cars, hopefully I can figure something out for my driving test. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for reading today, bye 🙂 x


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