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Why Your Best Friends Are Literally The Best.

Recently I’ve turned 18, got my drivers license, and finished high school. Throughout this time I’ve learned to really appreciate my best friends. So here’s some of the reasons why I love them.

1. They Cheer You Up.
No matter what’s going on in their lives, they’re always going to put you first and make you smile. One of my friend’s favourite phrase to say when I’m down is “smile, it suits you better” and to this I always give a hideous looking grin.

2. They’re Always Willing To Put Things Aside For You.
They always prefer your company. No doubt they would much rather spend hours watching Netflix with you than go to that party anyway.

3. They Don’t Judge.
You’re friends with this person because you have a mutual respect and understanding which means they don’t judge your decisions like the rest of the world does. You can tell them your deep, dark secrets without fear of judgement.

4. They Share.
Isn’t it just the best when your friend offers to shout you lunch? Or they share their chocolate with you? Oooooh yes. That is what real friendship is. (Shoutout to Liv)

5. They’re Honest.
Friends are so close to each other that it’s almost impossible not to be honest. They’ll tell you if your butt looks big in those jeans or whether that eyeshadow suits you. They can be blunt and sometimes harsh but hey, at least it’s honest.

6. They Always Have Your Back.
No matter the situation they are ALWAYS going to support you. Is that girl looking at your man with questionable intentions? Oh hell nah. There will be none of that with your bestie around.

7. They’re Just Great People.
I love my friends so much and I would never trade them for anything. They have supported me through break ups, family issues and even fights with other friends. They’re here for the long run. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thanks for reading today guys, I hope you enjoyed it! Bye! 😄 x


One Year Anniversary 😍

It’s officially been a year since I first started my blog! Wooohoooo! Celebratory hugs all round!

Anyway, for today to celebrate and hopefully make you giggle, I’m going to do the one year anniversary tag. Now this is all for fun and in no way am I in a relationship with my blog but here it is!

1. What has brought you closer together this year?
Definitely my writing. It’s given us a connection that I couldn’t live without.

2. What is your favourite memory of this year together?
This would have to be the day that we got 105 views. That was a great day.

3. Did you have a honeymoon or wedding disaster that you’re already laughing about?
When I first started using WordPress I didn’t realise that when you save a draft it still uploads what you’ve got, people just can’t see it. So anyway, I saved a draft and absolutely pooped myself when I thought it had actually gone up for all of the Internet to see. It took me longer than I’d like to admit to realise that that wasn’t the case.

4. What has surprised you most about being married?
The lovely encouraging messages that my blog gives me when we’ve achieved something. It makes me feel all warm inside.

5. Anything shocking you’ve learned about your spouse?
Well. My blog neglects to prompt me to write sometimes which results in my not posting for a while…yes…I’m going to pretend that that’s my blogs fault.

6. What is a bonus quality in your spouse that you didn’t know about until married?
Patience. My blog, contrary to what is written in the previous question, waits very patiently for me to post. Throughout Year 12 it has been understanding of my time restrictions and doesn’t hold it against me if I forget to post something.

7. If you could do anything different what would it be?
I would start my blog sooner and post much more than I already do.

8. What have you learned from your spouse this year?
I have learnt that blogging is hard sometimes and that keeping connected throughout the WordPress society is difficult at times, but oh so worth it.

9. How have your feelings changed in just one year?
I have absolutely fallen in love with my blog. It is my safe place for me to share my thoughts and my stories. I wouldn’t change a thing about it. It’s amazing.

10. What is one thing that has worked, and has made a difference in your marriage, that you would give as advice to others?
Take time out to spend with your blog. Or, if you don’t have one, start one. There are so many great things you can do with a blog so just enjoy your time with it and don’t take a minute of it for granted.

Okay that’s all for today guys. Thank you so much for reading and thank you to those who have continued to read my blog and support me. You all mean the world to me! Thanks again! Bye! 🙂 x

7 Funny Moments From Friends!

Friends is the kind of tv show that never, ever gets old. This show is timeless and absolutely hilarious. So, today I’ve put together some images from good old trusty Google to show you some of the moments that stood out to me. Enjoy!


I mean, it does kind of make sense.


Oh Phoebe, so brutally honest.


I don’t think Joey will ever learn.


Note to self: don’t take moving tips from Ross.


They would make a great couple.


I think he cracked himself up at much as it cracked me up.


Chandler will never not be funny.

Thanks for reading today guys, I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane and I hope you’re all inspired to go and binge watch all 10 seasons of Friends now!

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October Favourites!

This month has been CRAZY! I’ve turned 18, got my license and attended high school for the last time. And, fortunately, I have many things that I have been LOVING. So, here we go!

1. Shadows Eyeshadow Palette.
I bought this eyeshadow palette about a year ago and ever since I have loved wearing it for special occasions. But now that school has finished I can wear it more often and I have absolutely loved the colours blended together. It’s a ModelsPrefer Palette and it cost me $10 at Priceline so for me it is very affordable and of good quality.


2. Foundation.
Another ModelsPrefer product that I love. Again, since school has finished I’ve been more free to experiment with my make up and my look and I have definitely been doing that with this lightweight foundation. I love this because it isn’t a heavy, cakey foundation and therfore for me is more comfortable to wear. It also only cost me $15 at Priceline so that’s a bonus. This product was also in last months favourites which shows just how much I love it!


3. Hairspray.
Since turning 18 I’ve been out to a couple of clubs and also fancier events which I have curled my hair for. I’ve been using TRESemmé Salon Finish Freeze Hold Hairspray which locks my hair into a certain style for hours. It’s a very strong hairspray which I love because although my hair is fairly short, it does have some weight to it. I love it so much.


4. Sounds Good Feels Good.
5SOS’ NEW ALBUM IS HERE! And it is amazing. My best friend got it for me for my birthday and I have had it playing in my car ever since. The songs are amazing and meaningful and they are honestly the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. I am so proud of the boys and all they have accomplished. This album is to die for so if you haven’t got it yet, please please please get it. You will not regret it!


5. Crackers and Dip.
Oh my goodness I cannot get these out of my mind! I’m obsessed with avocado dip and salt crackers! They have sustained many hungry tummies of mine and I have loved them for it.

6. Having My License.
Okay. I cannot express enough how handy it is to have my license and my own car. I can take myself anywhere I want at any time and I NEVER HAVE TO FILL IN A LOGBOOK AGAIN. It’s so nice. The only thing I hate is fuel, but it’s all worth it.


7. Teen Wolf.
Oh my gosh. I just finished season 3B and I cannot even. Like, wow. All of the shirtless men, wow. Also badass Dylan O’brien, wow. And just Dylan O’brien in general, wow. But seriously though this show is so much more than just another werewolf love story. It has so much depth to it and it honestly just keeps getting better. Go watch it!


That’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading 🙂 x

Ps. Sorry for the lack of posts but I have been super busy working and also preparing for the dreaded exams!

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