12 Days Of Christmas – Day Two

How To: Create Your Own Photo Frame!

For the second day of Christmas I’m going to show you guys how to make your own patterned photo frame!

You will need:
– A Photo Frame (doesn’t matter whether it’s wooden or plastic)
– Masking Tape
– Paint (any colour)
– Paint Brush
– Paint Palette


Step 1:
Using your masking tape, section off your photo frame. The parts that are left will be painted so space it out however you like.


Step 2:
Now, I completely forgot about step 2 when I was doing this so feel free to fix that error and do this before step 1. Line the inside of the frame with tape so that you don’t get any on the glass.


Step 3:
Get your paint and paint brush ready!


Step 4:
Using your paintbrush and straight strokes, paint over your frame. Make sure to clear any blobs away from the corners and allow the paint to dry.


Step 5:
Do another layer of paint, and depending on the colour of the paint, you may have to a 3rd layer. With the gold I had to do this.


Step 6:
Peel off the tape once the paint is completely dry and voila! You have your very own personalised photo frame!


You can use different sized lines or make it diagonal or whatever you like! It’s a great quick and easy Christmas present for a friend or family member too!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post today! Thanks for reading! 🙂 x


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