12 Days Of Christmas – Day Seven

The 3 worst types of people in retail at Christmas time.

People can be really rude in retail, especially around Christmas time. So here are the worst kinds of people that I’ve experienced this holiday season.

1. The silent ones.
These are the people that you ask how they are and they say nothing and literally just push their items at you. It’s so incredibly rude. It drives me insane when I’m being nice and doing my job but they stand there without even acknowledging who’s serving them.

2. The ones that get mad at you for something the store doesn’t stock.
Around Christmas time people are buying gifts and whatnot but there are always the people that abuse a worker because the store or company doesn’t stock a particular item. I mean, it’s not as if we are the ones who pick and choose what we stock!

3. The ones who are on the phone.
These are the people that seem to forget they’re at a god damn checkout. They literally don’t even make eye contact. Hang up, please! For the sake of humanity!

Thanks for reading today, comment below any of your retail horror stories from Christmas time! 🙂 x


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