12 Days Of Christmas – Day Eight

The things that I will (and won’t) miss from High School.

The Things I Won’t Miss:
1. The Homework.
Who wants to do hours of homework after 6 and a half hours of school? No one!

2. Uniforms.
Wearing casual clothes everyday is THE BEST. Never again will I be told to “put that blazer on.”

3. Gossip.
The gossiping and the bitching makes high school feel like an episode of Gossip Girl. Like, why?

4. Mean Teachers.
You know the ones I’m talking about. Those ones that seem to have it out for you and you alone.

5. Sassy Lower Years.
The younger students that seem to think they’re top dog even though they’re HALF MY SIZE.

The Things I Will Miss:
1. Seeing my best friends everyday.
After school finishes everyone goes their separate way and you don’t get to see everyone as much which is sad.

2. The Canteen Food.
I’m really missing those hot dogs with sauce and a hashbrown on top. Mmm.

3. The Nice Teachers.
Those ones that actually encourage you and make you feel GOOD about yourself.

4. School Camps.
These were the best times to have some fun with all your friends while still getting free food.

5. Being Older Than Everyone Else.
Being older means you can act like a teacher and boss the lower years around. Right?

Thanks for reading today guys, catch ya tomorrow 🙂 x


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