12 Days Of Christmas – Day Ten

Top 3 Mean Girls Turned Nice Girls!

High School is full of drama and bitchiness. But, occasionally a mean girl can turn into a nice girl. So here are my favourite mean girls turned nice girls!

1. Regina George – Mean Girls
Obviously Regina is the Queen B of all mean girls in the history of movies ever. But, after being hit by a bus and getting a taste of her own butchy medicine, she turns good. For a while at least. She seems happier at the end of Mean Girls so let’s just stick with the idea that she didn’t change back to a scum-sucking road whore that ruined our lives! Sorry. Just let me contain my inner Janis Ian.

2. Sharpay Evans – High School Musical 2
Oh Sharpay. She’s such a seedy and manipulative character that is so used to getting her own way it’s a shock to the system when it doesn’t happen. So when her own brother turns against her selfish self, it makes her realise her personality. I think I can speak for any HSM fan when I say it was utterly shocking when Sharpay awards Ryan with the Star Dazzle Award that she worked so hard to protect over claiming it herself. It was truly a heartwarming moment. Still…it only lasted that summer for things were back to normal in Senior Year. Still, we’re proud of Sharpay for turning a corner, if only temporarily.

3. Margaret Tate – The Proposal
Margaret starts off as an unbearable witch who is power hungry and treats her assistant like crap. But after forcing him to fake their marriage so that she doesn’t get deported, she begins to grow a conscience and starts to actually fall in love with him and his family. Eventually she puts his own needs ahead of hers and protects him against the law despite the fact that she will get deported. Now that’s true love.

Thanks for reading today 🙂 x


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