My New Years Resolutions!

The New Year is finally upon us which means that it’s time to say goodbye to an old year and hello to a new one. Society has a long history of creating and rarely keeping promises that they make themselves on the eve of the new year.

However, that’s because a lot of the time they aren’t practical resolutions which brings me to my own. I am hoping that I can keep myself motivated enough to really stick to these resolutions, or atleast most of them. So here they are:

1. No more soft drink.
Considering I’ve just got braces a month ago, this is going to be pretty easy. I’m not supposed to drink soft drink anyway because of the amount of sugar in it which can cause staining around the braces. Plus, water is so much better for you. So here’s to no more soft drink!

2. Be a great friend.
I feel like recently I’ve become a lot closer with some of my friends which makes me want to be the best I can be for them. I am the kind of person who loves to love and this year I want to be the most caring and loving friend that I can possibly be.

3. Be Happy.
Obviously I’m not going to be able to be happy 24/7 but I can certainly make a conscious effort to be happier with all I’ve got because when I look at my life, I have it pretty damn good. This year is going to be filled with good times, laughter and happiness. Just the way it should be.

4. Just Say Yes.
In the wise words of Zoe Sugg, just say yes. This year I am going to try new things and let myself take risks. Screw sitting at home binge watching The Vampire Diaries and feeling boring. I want to be adventurous and say yes to new and exciting experiences.

5. Be Kind.
Last year I was surrounded by a lot of bitchiness of which, I will admit, I did contribute to. So, this year I’m not going to be sucked into a whirlwind of nastiness. Instead, I’m gunna kill ’em with kindness.

Thanks for reading today! I wish you all a safe and happy New Year and all the best for your own New Year Resolutions.

Here’s to 2016!


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