My Uni Application 500 Word Piece!

University is just around the corner and I’m hoping to do a Cert Iv in Professional Writing and Editing! To do that, however, I had to send in a 500 word piece. Soooooo take a look!

My heart beat fastens with each step towards the stage door. Already I can feel the vibrations of the screaming crowd. From experience I know that it will be deafening the moment I step out onto the stage. My manager, George, is by my side.
“Okay Jace, there’s almost 20,000 people out there and they’re all here to see you. Don’t let ‘em down.” Somehow his ‘pep talk’ only manages to make me more nervous. This is the first show I’ve ever done at Madison Square Garden and for some unknown and ungodly reason, this show sold out in 37 minutes. 20,000 people just to see a nobody turned superstar from Florida.
One of the backstage guys hands me a red plastic cup, like the ones that usually contain alcohol in movies, filled with water. I take a sip and wish I’d had a sip of vodka instead to calm my nerves. All the water does is remind me how dry my mouth is. George and I are walking quickly towards the stage as I catch a glimpse of myself in a small mirror hanging on the pale yellow walls. My dark hair is swept across to the right with a flick and my face looks unfamiliar with the layers of makeup that seem to be essential for a 19 year old boy. Before I know it, George and I are standing in the small gathering area before the stage door.
“Alright,” George says, “don’t forget, we’re starting off with ‘History’ first, then moving onto ‘Rumours and Fights’ and then ‘Going Strong’ unlike last night’s show. The rest of the set is the same as the rest of the tour. Good luck kid.” He gives me a quick squeeze on the shoulders as if to comfort me. He walks over to the sound guys for a final check as people swarm around me for a final powder and hair fix. I swear it feels like there’s 23 people around me, fixing all of my imperfections. ‘Imperfections don’t make money,’ as George likes to say.
For the third time tonight a wave of nausea hits me and I find myself swaying slightly. The nerves aren’t usually this bad. Just as the makeup people are dashing away, more people converge to adjust my mic, fix the wires behind my ears and make sure the earpieces are secure. We don’t want another fiasco like London. The next thing I know, my guitar is being lifted over my head and the strap firmly placed across my chest. “One minute people!” I hear someone yell.
I jump up and down on the spot for a few seconds and tune out the rest of the crew as I find my own heart beat within all the noise. I walk onto the dark stage and into the spotlight as I’m deafened by the roar of the crowd. I look down at my hands as I strum the first chord of ‘History’ and the crowd goes wild.

Fingers crossed! I’ll keep ya’ll posted. Wish me luck! 🙂 x


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