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The Best Ways To Cheer Yourself Up.

We all have bad days. It might be something specific that’s put you in a mood or it could be absolutely nothing. Today has been one of those days for me. So here’s how to get yourself out of a rut.

1. Take a bubble bath.
Simple but effective. Chuck some music on, fill up your bath and make sure it’s hot. Once you’re in, shut your eyes and shut out the world. You’ll feel so much better afterwards.

2. Do something creative.
If you’re anything like me, art and craft is almost second nature. Get out some paint and a canvas or make yourself a dream catcher, anything to take your mind off everything. If you’re not the artistic type, try doing something else with your hands.

3. Write a journal entry.
I find that this really helps especially when you don’t actually know what’s wrong. Write down everything you’re thinking and before long you’ll have an idea of what’s up.

4. Sit outside in the sun.
Vitamin D is great for you and being out in nature can have a really positive effect on you. Maybe even take your writing outside or if you prefer drawing, try that too.

5. Cook something.
Baking is so good for relaxation. Pick a recipe and go for it. My personal favourite is chocolate chip muffins and red velvet cupcakes.

I hope this helps any of you that find yourself in a bit of a mood. Let me know what you like to do to chill out! Thanks for reading 🙂 x


Being Your Authentic Self.

Tonight I’m feeling very philosophical. I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be ourselves on a completely true level and how hard that can be sometimes.

We live in a world of high morals and high expectations of ourselves that we can rarely ever live up to. The crazy part is that majority of the time, we do it to ourselves. We give ourselves a set level of quality that we must reach in order to realise and accept our self worth.

But in reality, we’re already worthy. We stop ourselves doing what makes us happy because maybe it goes against a belief of yours or someone close to you. Maybe it’ll hurt someone or make you seem like someone you’re not.

The fear of that happening creates a block like a brick wall and makes us feel guilty for wanting what we want. And it’s so incredibly stupid because we need to be putting our own needs in front of others if we’re to live a happy and fulfilled life.

We need to stop worrying about the way in which the world might perceive us and focus more on how we perceive ourselves. Make yourself feel good and that will resonate throughout yourself and the people around you.

So today I’m going to challenge myself to be happy. I’m going to face my fears and be who I am and not worry about what people think because screw them, it’s my time to shine.

If my decisions make someone else unhappy then I’m sorry but that’s just how it is. If the people around you really love you then they’ll support you. That’s all that really matters.

Being authentic is one of the most important things to do, especially if you’re still trying to work out exactly who you are as a person. So don’t be afraid to test it and experiment. Be fearless.

How To Survive Your First Day of Uni

It’s all happening guys! Uni is just around the corner for all of the Higher Ed students which just so happens to include a lot of my friends. Lucky for me, I started 2 weeks ago so I don’t have to stress about tomorrow. But, for those of you who haven’t started yet and have a lot of anxiety about it, here’s how to survive it.

1. Say hi to people.
Don’t be that awkward person in the corner! Go and talk to someone or make an effort to get to know the people in your course. There’s no point being alone the whole time when you could be making friends.

2. Be yourself.
Don’t start putting on a show for your peers. There’s a reason they’re in that course so try connecting with them over that instead of trying to impress them by being someone else.

3. Use the map.
If they give you a campus map, use that thing. Don’t try to be proud and think that you don’t need it because let me tell you, you will need it. Speaking from experience, keep it with you for a while, just in case.

4. Bring a pen and a book.
You never know what you might need to write down. For me, in my writing course, it’s essential to have something to write on in case inspiration strikes but it can be just as handy for those studying something else as well.

5. Have fun!
Uni is honestly so much fun. Sure, the classes or lectures might be boring but you’re there for a reason so just enjoy it. You never know where your course will take you so make the most of it.

Thanks for reading today guys! If you’re starting uni tomorrow then I wish you the very best of luck!

How To Know When You’ve Fallen For Someone.

Isn’t love wonderful? It’s such an enjoyable experience and allows you to feel absolutely on top of the world with another person. But sometimes it can be hard to distinguish between liking someone in a crush kind of way and falling for them. Hard.

Recently my best friend has been hit with a mad wave of the feels for a great guy and I have to admit, they’re pretty darn cute together. But it got me thinking, how can you tell if it’s real or if it’s a temporary thing? These are the main pointers that I’ve noticed which generally lean towards falling in love.

When you start to fall for someone, you cannot for the life of you get them out of your head. Like, ever. Every little thing reminds you of them and you find yourself constantly thinking ‘Oh, that person would like that!’ or ‘Wow, that person would find that hilarious’. It’s as if the world is trying to push you towards them constantly through out your day.

You’ll also notice that sick feeling in your stomach. Yeah, you know the one. Every time you know you’re going to see them, the butterflies are released and they go crazy in your stomach. My best friend said while she was driving to a party that he was going to be at, she felt so sick she was almost sure she was going to be physically sick. Cute, right?

Presents and gifts are always crossing your mind. Remember that time he said he wanted to get a plant in his room? And you instantly thought, ‘hey, I could get him a plant’ even though his birthday is months away and there is not even a single celebratory occasion coming up. I mean, it wouldn’t be that weird to rock up at his house with a pot plant and a huge smile, would it?

You’ll also start to change your plans and make things more difficult for yourself, just to spend more time with them. Oh, they need a lift to a party? Well hey, I’m close by…sort of. It may be more inconvenient for you but you get a 10 minute car ride with them out of it so in the end it’s so worth it.

All of a sudden, when you’re around them, everything is funny and you’re always happy. Weird right? For some reason their presence just has an incredible effect on your mood and attitude towards everything. Even the most boring of tasks become more enjoyable if he’s there.

You’ll make much more of an effort to be involved in the things that he’s interested in, such as a TV show or game. He likes The Walking Dead? Oh my god, what a coincidence! So do you! It can be quite entertaining watching someone pretend to know what they’re talking about when in reality, they have absolutely no clue. Seriously though, who is Carl?

Finally, what I’ve noticed between my bestie and her new boyf is you’ll be happy. Really and truly happy. If you can imagine spending the rest of your life with this person then that’s usually a good sign. So for all of you out there who are close to being in a relationship or those who aren’t, just remember that if they make you happy, then go for it. Don’t let anything hold you back from love.