The Best Ways To Cheer Yourself Up.

We all have bad days. It might be something specific that’s put you in a mood or it could be absolutely nothing. Today has been one of those days for me. So here’s how to get yourself out of a rut.

1. Take a bubble bath.
Simple but effective. Chuck some music on, fill up your bath and make sure it’s hot. Once you’re in, shut your eyes and shut out the world. You’ll feel so much better afterwards.

2. Do something creative.
If you’re anything like me, art and craft is almost second nature. Get out some paint and a canvas or make yourself a dream catcher, anything to take your mind off everything. If you’re not the artistic type, try doing something else with your hands.

3. Write a journal entry.
I find that this really helps especially when you don’t actually know what’s wrong. Write down everything you’re thinking and before long you’ll have an idea of what’s up.

4. Sit outside in the sun.
Vitamin D is great for you and being out in nature can have a really positive effect on you. Maybe even take your writing outside or if you prefer drawing, try that too.

5. Cook something.
Baking is so good for relaxation. Pick a recipe and go for it. My personal favourite is chocolate chip muffins and red velvet cupcakes.

I hope this helps any of you that find yourself in a bit of a mood. Let me know what you like to do to chill out! Thanks for reading 🙂 x


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