6 Things To Spice Up Your Relationship.

Sometimes relationships become like a routine. You do the same things all the time and eventually you’re both going to get sick of it. So here’s some ideas on how to spice up your relationship and make things a little bit more exciting.

1. Bake.
Something as little as baking them cupcakes can make the world of difference, particularly if they’re having a crap day. This will likely put them in a good mood which means you’ll have more fun together.

2. Date night.
I know this is so overdone and a bit cliche but try to make a real evening of it. Get dressed up, go somewhere really fancy for dinner or drinks and go over the top. It’ll make the night more memorable.

3. Travel.
This doesn’t mean you have to book a 3 week tour through europe, but even just going for a drive somewhere new can be really exciting. Choose a nice Sunday to take your partner somewhere neither of you have been, find a nice little bakery or pack your own lunch and find a park. Whatever works for you.

4. Buy them a gift.
I’m not saying that expensive gifts are essential in a relationship, but occasionally it can be nice to buy your girl a ring or a necklace or buy your man a new game. Choose something you know they’ll love and appreciate. It doesn’t have to cost the world for it to mean the world to them.

5. Talk.
Stay up late one night and just talk for hours. Talk about your fears, dreams, ambitions, or anything that helps you get to know eachother just that little bit better. Even if you’ve been together for years, there’s always something new to learn about your partner.

6. Go over the top romantic.
Flower petals on the bed, a candle lit home cooked dinner or even a lovely picnic in the gardens. Go way overboard and as well as being a wonderful time for you, it’s also really fun to plan little surprises for your partner and see their reaction when they see the effort you’ve gone to to make them happy.

Hopefully that helps any of you guys who feel like your relationship is becoming a bit boring. Stay lovely! 🙂 x


1 thought on “6 Things To Spice Up Your Relationship.

  1. Great post, the same routine will definitely get boring eventually. Great tips, I’ve never tried the baking one, but I think it will. Check out my post when you get the chance 🙂

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