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Introducing Morty

Puppies sure are a joy. Biting, chewing and running away with every sock, bra or shoe they can find. This is Morty.

He looks very shy and timid in this photo as it was taken about an hour after we got him home. Now, however, he runs around the house like a lunatic. 

He is a maltese X terrier and was born a week before Christmas. He is very mischievious and can be very naughty.

This is him playing with his ‘monkey’, who frequently puts up with his vicious puppy attacks.

He also found a leaf of spinach intended for my guinea pigs and spread it around the kitchen.

But when he’s not in a crazy mood, he’s being a cute little sleepy puppy.

He also thoroughly enjoys a good belly scratch.

I hope you all love Morty as much as I do! He’s a crazy puppy but he’s EXTREMELY cute!


Female Crossing Lights? Really?

If you live in Australia or keep up with what’s going on over here, you’re probably rolling your eyes continuously.

As part of a new initiative, ‘female’ crossing figures will be replacing some ‘male’ crossing figures at traffic lights. You know, the ‘males’ that are just a generic body figure to represent a human being? Yeah.

Apparently it’s vital that these changes be made because equality is very important. But there are so many better things that the time and money spent on this project could have been used for. 

I saw a great news story about it where the reporter was in the streets of Melbourne and said himself that the resources could have been better used, for example, to help the 12 homeless people he could see from where he was standing.

I understand the idea behind this project but could they really not think of a better way to express equality and try to support feminism?

Putting a stereotypical female outline, with the dress and shoulder length hair, is bound to offend a lot of women anyway. Not all women wear dresses, or have long hair. 

There’s no real reason to make these changes. It’s just a minimal effort by the government to appear as though they give a shit about feminism. If they really cared, they would be fighting for equal pay and equal opportunities for both genders. 

I also think it’s important to remember that men can be discriminated against too. 

So let’s ride out this ridiculous project and get used to seeing ‘female’ figures telling you when to cross the road. Because apparently ‘men’ can’t do that.

Also, just to be clear to all those feminist hating people out there, literally every single woman I’ve spoken to about this thinks it’s just as ridiculous as I do, and I assume you do. 

Feminism means equality, not female superiority. 


Hey guys, I know it’s been a few weeks since I failed my brief period of posting regularly but I have been doing a fair bit. I’ve moved out of home with my brother and his girlfriend, got back to uni and was absolutely swamped with assignments, been sick as well (with 3 different things), and just two days ago, got a new puppy!

So things have been hectic, but that doesn’t excuse my lack of organisation. I’m currently trying to tidy up and finish unpacking my room (and failing) while listening to Ed Sheeran’s new album.

I am really loving his new songs so I thought I would do a little micro post about it.

For one thing, I really love the cover of the album. It’s really cool and definitely suits the album, you know, with the whole ‘divide’ thing.

Image result for divide album

There are 16 songs on the album and each of them are great but I think my favourites would have to be ‘Happier’, ‘Supermarket Flowers’ and ‘Nancy Mulligan’. I’ve noticed that family is a pretty prominent theme in this album as well as an ex finding new love and going through the process of an ex moving on.

I love everything Ed Sheeran writes/sings but these songs stand out to me. I can’t wait to see him perform them live. If you’ve never seen him perform live then you should definitely try your best to make that happen because it’s even more incredible than you can imagine.

If you haven’t made time to listen to the whole album yet, you should also do that because I guarantee there is something on the album that you’ll love. It’s very diverse.

Anyway that’s my little bit about ‘Divide’, I hope you enjoyed it and check out the album. Thanks for reading!

PS. Stay tuned for puppy photos and updates!