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Hey guys, I know it’s been a few weeks since I failed my brief period of posting regularly but I have been doing a fair bit. I’ve moved out of home with my brother and his girlfriend, got back to uni and was absolutely swamped with assignments, been sick as well (with 3 different things), and just two days ago, got a new puppy!

So things have been hectic, but that doesn’t excuse my lack of organisation. I’m currently trying to tidy up and finish unpacking my room (and failing) while listening to Ed Sheeran’s new album.

I am really loving his new songs so I thought I would do a little micro post about it.

For one thing, I really love the cover of the album. It’s really cool and definitely suits the album, you know, with the whole ‘divide’ thing.

Image result for divide album

There are 16 songs on the album and each of them are great but I think my favourites would have to be ‘Happier’, ‘Supermarket Flowers’ and ‘Nancy Mulligan’. I’ve noticed that family is a pretty prominent theme in this album as well as an ex finding new love and going through the process of an ex moving on.

I love everything Ed Sheeran writes/sings but these songs stand out to me. I can’t wait to see him perform them live. If you’ve never seen him perform live then you should definitely try your best to make that happen because it’s even more incredible than you can imagine.

If you haven’t made time to listen to the whole album yet, you should also do that because I guarantee there is something on the album that you’ll love. It’s very diverse.

Anyway that’s my little bit about ‘Divide’, I hope you enjoyed it and check out the album. Thanks for reading!

PS. Stay tuned for puppy photos and updates!


My Favourite Inspirational Song Lyrics

Hello again! Apologies for the lack of posts in the last week or so but I’ve been busy with school and some personal issues. So today I wanted to share some of the most inspirational song lyrics that I’ve been living by these last few weeks. Enjoy!

“We can’t stop the world but there’s so much more that we can do.”
Stop The World – Demi Lovato

“You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness.”
Somebody That I Used To Know – Walk Off The Earth

“Here I am and I stand so tall, just the way I’m supposed to be.”
Gravity – Sara Bareilles

“You don’t have to change a single thing. You don’t have to try so hard. You don’t have to bend until you break.”
Try – Colbie Caillat

“I wanna wake up feeling beautiful today and know that I’m okay cause everyone’s perfect in unusual ways.”
Believe In Me – Demi Lovato

“Now if we meet out on the street I won’t be running scared, I’ll walk right up to you and put one finger in the air.”
Really Don’t Care – Demi Lovato

“Wake up to your dreams and watch them come true.”
Stars Dance – Selena Gomez

“The road was filled with twists and turns but that’s the road that got us here.”
Come So Far – Hairspray

“You gotta hold on, hold on to what you’re feeling, that feeling is the best thing the best thing alright.”
Up – Olly Murs and Demi Lovato

“How could I miss something as simple as this?”
Simple As This – Jake Bugg

“Forget what you thought, cause good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught.”
Good Girls – 5 Seconds of Summer

“Happiness is what I can’t live without, it’s time to stand out.”
Stand Out – Rags

“Just keep telling myself to live my life, like everything else just keep on breathing, you’ll live.”
While I’m Alive – STRFKR

“I’ll never miss a beat, I’m lightning on feet, and that’s what they don’t see.”
Shake It Off – Taylor Swift

“I hear something strong and it sounds like my name.”
“Sometimes you go up and sometimes you go down and sometimes you must fly so that you can be free.”
“Tomorrow’s my future and it starts here today.”
Look At Me Now – Rags

“We made these memories for ourselves where our eyes are never closing, hearts are never broken and time’s forever frozen still.”
Photograph – Ed Sheeran

“You know that my love is on your side.”
On Your Side – A Rocket to the Moon

“Cut me down but it’s you who’ll have further to fall.”
Titanium – David Guetta and Sia

“If what we had was real, how could you be fine? Cause I’m not fine at all.”
Amnesia – 5 Seconds of Summer

“I’m a warrior, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and my armour is made of steel, you can’t get in.”
“I’m a warrior and you can never hurt me again.”
“I’m a survivor in more ways than you know.”
Warrior – Demi Lovato

These lyrics have helped me to gain perspective in some difficult situations and I hope that they can do the same for you! Comment down below your favourite song lyric and share it with everyone. Thanks for reading! 🙂 x