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Short Story Time!

Hello again! Today’s post is a short story that I wrote for one of my classes last year. Just note as well that the song lyrics and titles are not my own creation. They’re from a Nickelodeon show called Victorious that I used to watch! Enjoy…

I can feel the sweat dripping down my forehead. The hot air blows past my face in an unsuccessful effort to cool me down. I love summer but the excessive sweatiness is never a good thing. The wind whips my brown hair around my face and in front of my sunglasses as Adam and I drive down the highway towards Los Angeles. We’d spent the last week on a road trip around the state and enjoyed every second of it.

Heading back into town, I started to dread the next day. The first day back at school. The summer break had been amazing. Adam and I had spent it travelling and sightseeing. As we drove closer and closer to home, the air rushing through the open top of his convertible, I felt the pit of my stomach slowly start to drop. One more semester until graduation, and then college.
Adam and I attend an arts high school with an emphasis on drama and performing arts. He’s an incredible singer and songwriter, the kind that you just know will make it big. I sing too, but I also enjoy acting. We do duets a lot but I always prefer to hear him sing alone.
This week we have to work hard to win the Hollywood Arts competition. This is one of the times I’ll perform a duet with Adam. He’s been writing a song especially for it, but he hadn’t let me hear it until we left for our road trip.
“It has to be perfect,” he’d said, “otherwise I’ll just be disappointing myself.” Nothing is ever good enough until he’s spent countless hours working on it in his garage, rewriting the same piece time and time again. It’s a wonder he ever gets any sleep, actually.
In this competition, we’ll be up against every other kid in LA that has some ounce of talent. But, if we win this, we have a shot at a record deal and we’ll be signed by Leo Kelly, one of the biggest producers in LA. If he signs us, he’s sure to make us huge.
We’re nearing my house now and I have to glance at Adam’s beautiful face before we part ways. His sculpted jawline and short stubble makes me never want to leave his side. Then, he looks at me and his striking green eyes lock with mine for a moment before he starts laughing.
“God Tori, what are you looking at me like that for?” He smiles as he redirects his attention to the road in front of us.
“I just like you, I guess,” I joke, “What’s wrong with that?” He sends me a teasing smile, the kind that would make other girls swoon. He could be such a player if he wanted to. He pulls up next to the curb outside my house. My mum is in the garden in the dimming afternoon light, subtly waiting up for me.
“I’ll catch you tomorrow, love,” Adam whispers as I kiss his cheek.
“Not if I catch you first.” I wink at him. He waves hello to my mum before he drives away with his shoulder length, black hair flowing in the light breeze behind him.
Mum greets me wearing her dirty gloves and sunhat with a big hug.
“How was the trip sweetie?” she asks.
“It was amazing mum; truly incredible. We got heaps of writing done. Oh and we finally started rehearsing the duet for the competition.” The main point of travelling so much together is because it gives Adam inspiration. He said to me at the start of the summer break that he wanted to see everything with me by his side. He wanted to write about what we saw and what we did. I can’t wait to see what the final product is of what he’s been working on this week.
I spend the night recapping the week to mum while dad sits there subtly scowling as I talk about song writing. Dad thinks that I’m wasting my time with performing and that I should go to college and become a lawyer or psychologist or something. I always shudder at the thought. I could never do something so mundane. Performing is what I want to do.
When I get up to my room and get my laptop out, I notice that Adam’s sent me a voice recording. Eagerly I start to listen to it. Anytime he sends me a recording, it’s almost always a small part of a song that he’s really happy with. This time though, the recording is almost three and a half minutes long. He’s sent me a whole song. I press play and hear his soft voice singing.
“Got a one-way ticket down a two-way street, got the wind in my hair and there’s dust on my feet, I’m just trying to make it in America. I’m singing the words to my favourite song, with the roof down and my glasses on, and I’m driving straight through America.”
The song is about our road trip. I’m in awe of how he can write a masterpiece like this so quickly. His light strumming of his guitar stops and that’s when I know it’s the end of the song. I send him a message full of praise and say goodnight. I listen to the song on repeat as I lay in bed and look forward to seeing all our friends tomorrow and for the competition that could make or break us.
The next morning, I throw on my cropped black jersey top and a pair of denim shorts. I grab a red flannie on my way out just in case I want protection from the scorching sun. I shout a goodbye to mum and dad and jump into Adam’s car.
“You’re looking bright this morning,” he says. I kiss him in response.
“Let’s get to it then. We’ve got a competition to win.” He nods with equal enthusiasm and we take off towards school.
Jade and Lee are already waiting in the parking lot when we get there. Hugs and handshakes are exchanged as we get out of the car. Lee and Adam go into deep conversation about some different songs they’ve been working on while Jade and I catch up. I tell her all about our latest trip and she tells me about an acting job she managed to get while on break.
“Are you guys ready for today? Are you nervous?” Jade asks. I shake my head.
“I have complete faith in Adam’s song. It’s bound to be a hit one day.”
After a few minutes, Rob and Lola arrive. Lola, looking as stylish as ever, is wearing a black knitted crop top under a leather jacket and high waisted ripped jeans paired with heavy black boots. How she doesn’t die from the heat, I don’t know. She never seems to suffer from excessive sweats like I do.
Our friendship group works really well. Adam and I are the only couple but Jade and Lee grew up next door to each other and used to play together every day during their childhood years. They’ve always had a particularly strong bond but for some reason they’ve never taken it any further. Lola and Rob used to date a millennium ago but now maintain a great friendship. They still tease each other all the time but it’s more playful than nasty.
The first half of the day goes by in a blur of homework tasks being handed in and new assignments for the semester being handed out. When lunch time rolls around I’m excited for my next class which is song writing. This is the one class I have with Adam and today we’re going to perform our song for the competition later in the day and get some feedback. It’s almost like a last minute run through.
Lola looks very unhappy as I approach the lunch table with Jade. “What’s up Lol?” I ask. She scowls at the sun.
“That,” she nods towards the sky, “is my problem.” She slides her bulky sunglasses off her head and onto her nose. Jade laughs and rolls her eyes. “It’s too hot for my liking,” Lola grumps.
“Well hey, if you wear a nice, light, flowing dress, you might be a bit cooler,” I joke, “perhaps pink? Maybe floral?”
Lola smirks sarcastically just as the boys get to the table.
“Who’s excited for the competition later today?” Rob smiles. Everyone raises their hands in unison. “Adam and Tori, I think we’re all praying to all of the gods possible that you guys come away with the first-place prize. Let us all raise our bottles of water to Adam and Tori,” Rob says as he stands on a chair and looks down at us, “We’ll all be there watching from the back, probably drinking, but there all the same.”
“Here here!” We all chant. I look at Adam and I can see in his eyes that he can’t wait to be up there performing, in front of the judges and crowd, this incredible song that he’s been working on. Six o’clock can’t come around fast enough.
Adam and I perform the song for our class and everyone has nothing but praise for it apart from a few minor key changes. Adam hugs me so tightly I swear I can’t breathe but I don’t ever want him to stop. Elated from the workshopping session, we take the rest of the day off school to rehearse.
He drives us to his place and sets up all the equipment, including a loop pedal, so he can create the final backing track for tonight. He has about fifteen CDs with the previous draft versions that didn’t quite make the cut. Adam starts to create the track while I go over what we’re going to wear on stage. As much as they deny it, the judges do notice and consider how we present ourselves.
Once Adam’s finished the track, we start singing. Adam will take his guitar on stage with him to play the simpler aspects of the song over the backing track. Hopefully it will give us some major brownie points, especially because Adam is young, attractive and can sing and play guitar. Girls go crazy over that kind of thing, which means a lot of sales when it comes to albums.
We go over the song a few times, each time going really well, but the more we sing it, the more Adam looks concerned. After the fourth rehearsal, I start to think that it’s not just nerves anymore.
“What’s wrong?” I ask. He looks from me to the music sheet in front of us and shakes his head.
“It’s just not quite where I want it to be. I thought it was but now…I don’t know. Something’s just not right.” He shakes his head again.
“Everyone loves the song, Adam. You’re being too hard on yourself.” I say. He looks unsure but nods silently. “Let’s go through it one more time. Try to be optimistic,” I smile, “you’ve done an incredible job.”
We spend the next hour singing while getting ready and packing everything up. Just as I’m slipping Adam’s guitar into its case, he grabs me around the waist and pulls me into an embrace. He holds me tightly and quietly for a while before letting me go.
“We’re going to be great tonight, Tori. I can feel it.” I smile at him and rough up his hair. “Well then, let’s go win that competition.” I say eagerly.
As soon as we get there, I can tell the competition is going to be fierce. There are so many people competing for one prize, it’s bound to get hectic. Adam and I say a quick hello to our parents and friends before heading backstage to get ready. We are going second last, so at least we get to suss out the competition before we go on. Although, that also means that we have more time for the nerves to kick in.
We’re seated backstage with all the other contestants as the first group go on. They’re five girls, wearing latex and bright colours, and look extremely confident. Suddenly I’m starting to doubt myself. I’m wearing a simple black dress with lace detail over the chest and my black leather jacket and heels. Adam’s wearing navy pants and a white suit shirt with the top buttons undone. We look good, but not latex good. More and more contestants go through and perform, each one has a unique look and an even more unique sound.
I’m becoming more and more anxious and I can tell Adam is too. His knee starts bouncing nervously and he’s blinking really fast. There’s eight more performances until we go on when Adam suddenly turns to me.
“Did you listen to that song I sent you?” He sounds urgent.
“Of course, I loved it. I listened to it all night.” I say. He smiles that cheeky smile and I can see an idea brewing.
“Good,” he says, “because I hope you know the words.” It takes me a second to let the gears tick in my head before I understand what he’s saying. His idea is insanity.
“I’ve only heard it, I’ve never actually performed it,” I say quickly, “I can’t do it now.” He grabs my hands in his and looks straight into my eyes.
“Yes, you can. This song…it has heart. I truly believe if we perform this song, we’re going to win.” I can see how much he wants this. I sigh and look at the ground.
“Fine. But you’d better be ready to play that guitar because we have no backing track for it.” He gets up excitedly to tell the tech guys not to play our track. “And Adam?” I say, “you’d better hope we win.” He flashes a smile at me and I can’t help but return it.
The next fifteen minutes go by in a frantic blur of harmonising and cementing in the lyrics of the song. It’s too soon when the coordinator is calling for us. Behind the black curtains next to the stage, Adam and I wait to be introduced.
“Up next we have a duo featuring Adam Hasset and Tori Leese who will be performing an original song written by Adam titled ‘Countdown’.” The coordinator says into the microphone. She gives us a nod and we walk out onto the stage, the blinding lights above us, to discover our fate.
“There’s been a slight change of plan folks, we’ll be performing my own song called ‘Make it in America’. Hope you enjoy.” Adam says as he settles in and starts to play. He starts the first verse and soon I’m joining in.
“Only thing to my name is an old t-shirt, faded 1985 from a Stones concert, and I’m dying to make it in America.” We sing. The crowd soon fades away and I find that I’m completely engrossed in this song. We decided the chorus would be all me and I feel a rush of butterflies as the first verse comes to an end.
“I wanna taste the sun, cause baby I’m born to run, I got a feeling that I’m not the only one, and I, I wanna show some skin, baby I need the ocean, and you can’t stop me now I’ve got my heart in motion, and I wanna make it in America, make it in America.”
I feel so overjoyed and happy as we continue to sing the song without fault. Adam was right, this song has real heart. It shows how much music means to him. The song finally comes to an end and we’re overwhelmed by applause as we come off the stage.
“Oh my god, Adam. That was incredible!” I jump into a hug with him and he breathes a sigh of relief at how well we did.
“I knew we could do it.” He says.
After announcing the last performance, the coordinator gathers all of the rest of us backstage, ready for the award announcement. It feels like an eternity as we wait for the competition to finish. The tension in the room grows more and more as we all wait to see whether our dreams will come true today. After almost twenty minutes after the last contestant finishes, the announcer is handed a sheet of paper from one of the judges, the very judge whose talents are up for grabs. Leo Kelly. He and the announcer walk onto the stage together, the sheet of paper securely in the announcer’s hands.
“Ladies and gentlemen,” she starts, “the judges have reached a final decision. After much deliberation, they’ve decided on one performance that they think is worthy of a deal with Mr.Kelly’s very own record label. Now, it’s time to announce the winner.” She unfolds the slip of paper and painstakingly reads over it before speaking. “The winner is…George Uley!” The crowd goes wild. George Uley performed a few people before us and, to be fair, he was incredible. However, I get the feeling that the reason he won has more to do with sex appeal than anything else.
Adam looks at me with a pained expression. His heart must be breaking. He’s spent so much time and energy preparing for this, and our performance really was something special. I wrap my arm around his waist as George pushes his way to the front of the crowd to enter the stage. Everyone starts to make their way towards their things and the exit. Just as Adam and I reach his guitar, Leo Kelly takes the microphone.
“Congratulations George, what an incredible achievement. However, there is one more thing I need to say before letting you all go home. I’ve decided that I’d like to offer a second record deal to another performance tonight. This duo gave a performance that had soul and the song itself was clearly something incredibly special to the performers. Adam Hasset and Tori Leese, can you please make your way to the stage?”
I look at Adam and see my shock mirrored in his face. We push through the crowd to the stage and we’re greeted by an enthusiastic handshake from Leo.
“You guys had a great performance, I’d love to offer you a deal with my record label, if you’ll accept, of course.”
The crowd goes wild as Adam grabs Leo’s hand again.
“We would be absolutely honoured.” He says.
“Thank you so much,” I add. He smiles at us.
“Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce this year’s competition winners. George Uley for his performance of ‘I’m Yours’ by Jason Mraz; and Adam and Tori, for their performance of Adam’s song ‘Make it in America’!”


Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it!





My Uni Application 500 Word Piece!

University is just around the corner and I’m hoping to do a Cert Iv in Professional Writing and Editing! To do that, however, I had to send in a 500 word piece. Soooooo take a look!

My heart beat fastens with each step towards the stage door. Already I can feel the vibrations of the screaming crowd. From experience I know that it will be deafening the moment I step out onto the stage. My manager, George, is by my side.
“Okay Jace, there’s almost 20,000 people out there and they’re all here to see you. Don’t let ‘em down.” Somehow his ‘pep talk’ only manages to make me more nervous. This is the first show I’ve ever done at Madison Square Garden and for some unknown and ungodly reason, this show sold out in 37 minutes. 20,000 people just to see a nobody turned superstar from Florida.
One of the backstage guys hands me a red plastic cup, like the ones that usually contain alcohol in movies, filled with water. I take a sip and wish I’d had a sip of vodka instead to calm my nerves. All the water does is remind me how dry my mouth is. George and I are walking quickly towards the stage as I catch a glimpse of myself in a small mirror hanging on the pale yellow walls. My dark hair is swept across to the right with a flick and my face looks unfamiliar with the layers of makeup that seem to be essential for a 19 year old boy. Before I know it, George and I are standing in the small gathering area before the stage door.
“Alright,” George says, “don’t forget, we’re starting off with ‘History’ first, then moving onto ‘Rumours and Fights’ and then ‘Going Strong’ unlike last night’s show. The rest of the set is the same as the rest of the tour. Good luck kid.” He gives me a quick squeeze on the shoulders as if to comfort me. He walks over to the sound guys for a final check as people swarm around me for a final powder and hair fix. I swear it feels like there’s 23 people around me, fixing all of my imperfections. ‘Imperfections don’t make money,’ as George likes to say.
For the third time tonight a wave of nausea hits me and I find myself swaying slightly. The nerves aren’t usually this bad. Just as the makeup people are dashing away, more people converge to adjust my mic, fix the wires behind my ears and make sure the earpieces are secure. We don’t want another fiasco like London. The next thing I know, my guitar is being lifted over my head and the strap firmly placed across my chest. “One minute people!” I hear someone yell.
I jump up and down on the spot for a few seconds and tune out the rest of the crew as I find my own heart beat within all the noise. I walk onto the dark stage and into the spotlight as I’m deafened by the roar of the crowd. I look down at my hands as I strum the first chord of ‘History’ and the crowd goes wild.

Fingers crossed! I’ll keep ya’ll posted. Wish me luck! 🙂 x

7 Funny Moments From Friends!

Friends is the kind of tv show that never, ever gets old. This show is timeless and absolutely hilarious. So, today I’ve put together some images from good old trusty Google to show you some of the moments that stood out to me. Enjoy!


I mean, it does kind of make sense.


Oh Phoebe, so brutally honest.


I don’t think Joey will ever learn.


Note to self: don’t take moving tips from Ross.


They would make a great couple.


I think he cracked himself up at much as it cracked me up.


Chandler will never not be funny.

Thanks for reading today guys, I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane and I hope you’re all inspired to go and binge watch all 10 seasons of Friends now!

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February Favourites!

Hello again! I’m sorry I haven’t been very active lately but that’s because of the start of a new chapter in my life. Anyway, let’s get down to it!

1. The first thing I’ve REALLY been loving is Ed Sheeran’s ‘X’ album. I downloaded it about 3 weeks ago and I haven’t really listened to anything else since. It’s so beautiful and sincere that it sends shivers down my spine every time. My favourite song from the album is ‘One’. Go and download the album if you haven’t already because you will fall in love with it!

2. The second thing I’ve really loved this month is ‘Paper Towns’ by John Green. I started reading this book because of the fact that it’s in the process of being released as a movie and I really wanted to read it before it comes out. This story surprised me in the fact that it was so different from ‘The Fault in Our Stars’, which i guess is a good thing as a writer needs to have diversity. The story follows Quentin who is about to graduate high school when his life long love disappears after a random night out with Quentin himself. It takes a bit of a dark tone but towards the end turns into a symbolic metaphor. It’s a great read and I can not wait for the movie to come out.

3. The third thing I’ve included is something I’ve really liked for over a year now and I’ve been using it every day since I first got it. It’s the Wake Me Up concealer by Rimmel London. It’s so good for covering up little spots and blemishes as well as red patches. I find it also really livens up my face in the morning when I apply it just under my eyes. Keep an eye out for this one.

4. My next favourite is actually a shop called Typo. It sells stationary and little bits and bobs. I love it so much. I want to buy everything in there! My brother’s girlfriend actually bought me a travel journal from there for Christmas and it’s so adorable. I also bought my pencil case for Year 12 there and also the mug that I keep at school in the Year 12 Common Room. This store has everything you’d ever need for school or uni and it’s so stylish and affordable as well. Go and visit if you have one near you!

5. Last but certainly not least is my pack of 24 watercolour pencils by Faber Castel. I absolutely love using watercolour pencils and these are what I started with. The pencils are so easily blended and the effect they give looks so professional even if you have no idea what you’re doing. If you’re looking to get into watercolour at all I’d definitely suggest giving these a go and teach yourself how it all flows and the mechanics of watercolour art using these.

That’s all for today guys, I hope you enjoyed this post. If you want to see more click the follow button or head on over to my twitter account @ElloFrancis97 and follow me on there to get updates when I post again.

Thanks! X

The Runner – Part Two

Hello again! It’s been a while, I know. But to make up for it, here’s another part of the last story I posted! Enjoy!

I wake up the next morning with a neck ache, a back ache and a head ache. I swivel around on the thin mattress until I’m in a position to stand up. Hesitantly, I shift my weight onto my feet and stretch as I stand. At least my legs still work. I look at my socks and boots next to where I stand and decide I won’t put them on. I slowly walk back the way I had come the night before with Joe, hoping that I wouldn’t take a wrong turn in the maze that was this police station. I turn a corner and walk straight into a police officer.

“Oh my god, sorry,” I blurt.
“Oh my, don’t worry; you must be the girl that can’t remember her name. I’m Dr. Preen, the psychologist. I’m here to speak with you, actually,” she replied. Oh great. The shrink.
“Right, of course. Um, would you mind if I got something to eat first? I’m really hungry.”
“I believe the officers are bringing in some corn flakes and orange juice for you. Shouldn’t be a moment, follow me.”

Dr. Preen leads me down another series of hallways until we end up in a small room with one wall completely made of that one way glass that’s supposed to look like a mirror but  doesn’t actually fool anybody, no matter how stupid they may be. She gestures for me to sit in the chair that’s tucked under the small table, two of the only three items of furniture in the room.
“So, officers Joseph and Kevin explained to me what happened last night. Could you explain to me again what your recollections of last night’s events were?” She says in a soothing voice.
“Okay. Well, the first thing I remember is running down the road towards the police station. I could see it. I remember the sweat in my hair and it running down my face. I was exhausted; I guess I’d been running for a while. Then once I finally got here I crashed through the front doors and there was Joe, I mean, Joseph. He got me a glass of water and then he and Kevin asked me questions but I didn’t know the answer to any of them. I still don’t. And then I went to bed, woke up and now I’m here.” I try to hide the shakiness in my voice. Dr. Preen starts scribbling notes on a piece of paper and I wonder whether I’ve said something wrong as I see her eyebrows knit together in what looks like anger. I hear the door creak open and turn to see Joe walking in with a bowl of cereal and a glass of OJ. He looks absolutely exhausted. That’s when I glance at the clock and realize that it’s only 7.04. I usually wouldn’t be up this early, uni doesn’t start until 10. Wait, how did I remember that?
Joe places the bowl in front of me and offers my eyes a flash of that gorgeous smile. I smile back nervously. God, I’m in the middle of nowhere with no clue who I am and I’m thinking about boys. Maybe I really am crazy. Dr. Preen glances up over the top of her small glasses and nods towards the bowl. “Eat up,” she says gently, “we have a busy morning ahead of us.”

I hope you enjoyed the next bit of the story! Hopefully I can find time to keep writing. Let me know in the comments if you want to read more!

Bye! 🙂 x

The Australian Tag!

Happy Australia Day!

Today I’m going to do the Australian Tag (even though I wasn’t tagged). So here it is!

1. What state do you live in?
I’ve always lived in Victoria.

2. What states have you visited?
I’ve been to South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory and the ACT.

3. What do you order at Boost Juice?
I usually get the watermelon crush one.

4. Choose one: Supré, Valley Girl or Cotton On.
Umm definitely Cotton On. Supré to me just seems really childish.

5. Sportsgirl or Dotti?
I haven’t really had anything to do with either of them but probably Dotti.

6. Who is your favourite Aussie actor?
Liam Hemsworth. I mean, he’s hot, he’s in The Hunger Games and he has a cool beard.

7. Describe your formal night in High School.
My formal last year was absolutely amazing. We danced all night and sang along to every song. It was just such a great night with all my friends.

8. Do you like vegemite and how do you eat it?
I love vegemite but not when it’s really thick or off a spoon. On toast or bread is the way to go! Oh and I always have butter with it.

9. Have you ever pet a kangaroo?
Yes, when I was about 5.

10. Have you ever seen the Sydney Harbour Bridge?
Yes, a few times now. It’s spectacular.

11. Do you say mate?
I do, most of the time just to mock the stereotype but sometimes i do just say it.

12. Do you say g’day?
Only ever when I’m mocking it.

13. Flip flops or wedges?
In Australia we call them thongs and I’d definitely go with them.

14. Jumper or sweater?
Jumper! What even is a sweater?

15. Overall what do you think of Australia?
I think Australia is a great place to live. I love the stereotypes and making fun of them. Definitely come visit if you don’t live in Australia, the beaches are amazing!

Well there you go guys! The Australia tag!

I’ll be posting some pics later of my Australia Day party. Stay tuned!

5 Fun Things To Try With Your Friends In Summer!

Hello everybody!

Today I wanted to post about some fun activities and things to try with your group of friends.

1. Camping! This can be such a fun thing when done right. My friends and I had a 3 day 2 night camp just the other day and it was the best thing I’ve done all holidays. We went to a spot where there was a small lake and bush behind us and we had the best time. It’s just so nice to be able to relax and unwind with the people closest to you. We went swimming in the lake, sat around talking about movies, looked at the stars at 2am and rubbed aloe vera aftersun gel into our sunburn (even though we reapplied sunscreen five times that day. Problems of a red head.) Definitely give this a go guys, you’ll find you’ll be closer to your friends after it.

2. Going out for dinner. This may seem simple and boring but it can actually be a great experience. It doesn’t have to be at a big fancy restaurant or anything but just somewhere simple and fairly priced. For my birthday last year my friends and I all got dressed up and went out to a great restaurant called ‘Da Uday’. We had so much fun and enjoyed a great meal together chatting about anything and everything. So go book a table now and invite all of your friends!

3. Movie marathon! Who’s up for a movie marathon? MEEEEEEE! Find a bunch of movies or a series of movies (like The Hunger Games, The Avengers, The Hobbit) and host a sleepover/movie marathon at your place or a friend’s place. Simply bring along some (by that i mean heaps) of junk food and click play for your great night in with your friends. My friends and I do this all the time and while we’re tired the next day, we always have the best night.

4. Go on a picnic. The first step is to find somewhere to picnic like the beach or a nice garden or park. The next step is to go and buy as much food as you can (preferably things that don’t need cooking or will go off in the heat quickly). And finally, rock up! Take your friends, some chairs or a picnic blanket, pack a frisbee and have a wild time. (Well, as wild as a picnic can be…)

5. Go on a big bike ride. Find a rail trail nearby or somewhere that’s safe to ride a bike and start organising. Have people pair up and between the two of them they can share the load of a back pack filled with goodies to make some yummy sandwiches. Try a cold meat and salad sandwich and then take some chips to snack on as well. Decide on a certain starting and finishing point and off you go! It’ll be great fun and a good bonding experience as well.

I hope you guys try one of these out and have a fantabulous time! Comment down below how it goes and what you did.

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Byyyye! 🙂 x

10 things I just can’t handle.

Hello everyone!

Today’s post is something a little different. Instead of favourites, I’m doing my non-favourites.

1. One thing I really don’t like is when boys  and/or girls don’t wear deodorant. I don’t understand why they don’t, but it’s certainly not good for the rest of their class in summer…

2. Odd socks. I really, really hate odd socks. I don’t know why but it just makes me feel really weird and oddly frustrated when I see odd socks.

3. Stupid comedy. You know the kind of comedies that are just plain stupid and are so cringe worthy that your face is temporarily set into a cringing face for the whole duration of the movie? Yeah. I hate those.

4. Clown toys. Why are they even a thing? 99% of clown toys are designed to look creepy and just scare little kids. And maybe even some 17 year olds are scared by them too…who knows…

5. Old black and white movies. I don’t know why this is but I can’t watch old black and white movies. I don’t know whether it’s the tackiness of some (not all) movie sets from back then or if it’s the audio. I don’t know…

6. When my computer goes really REALLY slow for absolutely no reason and freezes on the screen saver and won’t come back on. Ahhhhh why does this happen?!

7. People that spoil movies or tv shows. Big shout out here to one of my friends who totally spoiled the last episode of season 4 of Game of Thrones for me. THANKS SIGGI!

8. That make up line along girls’ jaw lines when they use foundation way too dark for their skin tone. Please girls, please, just use the right colour foundation. You’ll look so much more natural that way!

9. Teachers at school that actually go out of their way to stress you out about VCE or ‘Senior Year’. Another big shoutout to Peter Satori from my school. Thanks, buddy, for officially launching my stress and anxiety levels to VERY HIGH.

10. And lastly, the one thing that I really just can not stand is arrogant people. These people who think they’re better than everyone else or think they deserve more than someone else. These kinds of people just really get under my skin. WHHHYYYYY???

Well that’s all for today guys! Hope you’re having a fantastic day/night and keep it that way!

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Byyyye! 🙂 x

Discovering Your Sexuality.

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to write about something that is so prominent in today’s society but doesn’t get enough attention.


Before I begin I just want to state that no, I am not gay but this is a subject I feel very strongly about.

This afternoon I was scrolling through my facebook feed and came across an article about a website that has been launched by an Australian actress, Caitlin Stasey. The website is called and features individual interviews from women about sexuality and their view on different issues that affect women today.

Reading through this made me think about how little we are told about sexuality while we’re growing up and going through the treacherous process of discovering ourselves.

I think that during ‘Sexual Education’ we need to be informed about the changes that go on in relation to sex and our physical selves. I know that as a child I always thought that I was different. I thought that not everyone thought the way I did about sex. As a child it made me uncomfortable and I was so scared of it as I grew up as a Seventh Day Adventist. I was taught that sex was something that was not to be enjoyed or thought about until marriage.

I’ve now grown not to believe this and I think sex is a beautiful and intimate thing that should be portrayed to teenagers as just this. It shouldn’t be an act that should be feared but something that is anticipated and enjoyed when experienced.

Back to the sexuality part of it, I think that the whole straight to gay ratio is all wrong. I think that there’s a very small percentage of people who are completely and utterly straight. I think that the majority of people are actually mostly bisexual and are just too afraid to see it within themselves. Sure, most of us will prefer one gender over another, like myself, I couldn’t imagine dating or falling in love with a woman but I find the female body attractive. I have only had feelings for or had a crush on boys but I think that women are something so beautiful.

There are so many curves and angles on the human form that are different for every single one of us. I find both men and women sexy, beautiful and attractive but this doesn’t mean I’m ‘gay’ as such. It means that my mind is open to the wonderful things the body can do.

This open mindedness needs to be communicated to the younger generation so that they know it’s okay to be attracted to the same or opposite sex. Only within the last year have I realised that it’s okay to be honest about the fact that I’m attracted to both sexes, however I prefer the male body and mind to the woman.

Discovering your sexuality shouldn’t be something you grow up dreading in case the world doesn’t agree with you. It should be something that is exciting and new.

Let me know what you think. Should sexuality be discussed as much as the rules to safe sex?

Thanks so much for reading this and I hope you can all respect my opinions. And remember, whatever your sexuality is, you shouldn’t be afraid of sex or talking about it.

Thank you! X