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Divinity LA

You’ll never be stuck for a gift for your mum/sister/girlfriend/best friend ever again.

Allow me to introduce one of the best companies around; Divinity LA.

Divinity LA are a company that handmake beaded bracelets, each one having a different meaning. Divinity LA is based in, you guessed it, LA. They are super easy to deal with and make the whole shopping experience a breeze.

I stumbled upon an ad for Divinity LA on facebook and knew my partner’s mum would love something like that for Christmas. While I was at it, I picked out something for my mum too.

What makes these bracelets so special is that with each purchase, depending on which one you buy, Divinity LA donates a dollar of that sale to a corresponding charity.

For example, my partner’s mum received this beautiful set of two:

The Sea Turtle

This bracelet proves that slow and steady wins the race. Featuring stones that enhance creativity and mental clarity, this stunning piece is sure to attract happiness and a positive outlook on life.

Divinity Green White

Featuring the powerful influence of creativity, this bracelet is optimal for increasing mental function and composure. This enchanting piece uses stones that encourage new friendships and enhanced emotional strength, which all together bring forth happiness and joy.

By purchasing this stack you will be donating $1 to each of the following: Sea Turtle Conservancy, and to improving children’s health around the world.

The bracelets are so beautifully made and the beads are of a very high quality. My partner also bought me a set (at my request) that I absolutely adore.


Featuring an elephant that represents patience and strength, along with a combination of stones that bring about creativity and clarity. Not only is the bracelet a powerful tool for reducing stress, but also helps to increase self-confidence and instill power and tranquility throughout daily interactions.

Divinity Pink White 

Featuring Rose Quartz, known to instill relaxation and compassion and help break negative thoughts. This bracelet donates to help cancer patients who are fearlessly fighting towards remission and to the research that will one day lend a cure.

By purchasing this stack you will be donating $1 to each of the following: Relay for Life, and International Elephant Foundation.

There are many more to choose from, and at only $16US for a single bracelet and $28US for a pair, you can’t go wrong. They make such great gifts by not only being gorgeous pieces of jewellery but also giving something back, which is a gift in itself. It’s feel-good jewellery, essentially.

Here’s the link to their website and facebook page. I hope you all have a look at the incredible work this company does and buy a nice bracelet or two!



Ps. They’ve just brought out a Valentine’s Day bracelet too, check it out!