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Introducing Morty

Puppies sure are a joy. Biting, chewing and running away with every sock, bra or shoe they can find. This is Morty.

He looks very shy and timid in this photo as it was taken about an hour after we got him home. Now, however, he runs around the house like a lunatic. 

He is a maltese X terrier and was born a week before Christmas. He is very mischievious and can be very naughty.

This is him playing with his ‘monkey’, who frequently puts up with his vicious puppy attacks.

He also found a leaf of spinach intended for my guinea pigs and spread it around the kitchen.

But when he’s not in a crazy mood, he’s being a cute little sleepy puppy.

He also thoroughly enjoys a good belly scratch.

I hope you all love Morty as much as I do! He’s a crazy puppy but he’s EXTREMELY cute!