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How to get organised: a struggling student’s guide.

Uni is killing me. There’s assignments throwing themselves at me like guys do in a bar (just kidding, I don’t go to bars ;)). It’s so easy to get swept up in the stress and become overwhelmed. 

I’ve realised that I NEED to do something about my organisational skills before I fall back into bad habits. So this is what I’ve done to help me get back into the swing of organisation.


This is an obvious yet oh so essential item. Buy a diary or planner and start using it DAILY. Write down everything you have to do. Include homework, assignments and any other necessary information. Make sure you refer back to this to check if you’ve done everything for that day.


This, like your diary, should include everything you need to have done that week. Fill in a new one each week and add to it as necessary throughout the week. Put it up somewhere you’ll definitely see it all the time to remind you what to do.


My folders and books this semester are neatly organised and I even have a reference page at the front of the books of when assignments are due and what they are. Use dividers and plastic pockets and make it look pretty. The more beautiful it is, the more likely you are to keep it up to date.


Once or twice a week, put aside a few hours to do some assignment work or, in my case, do some writing. My main issue is that I don’t dedicate specific amounts of time to a project and end up doing it the night before (as is the social obligation of the tired and slightly insane uni student). By putting aside, for example, two hours on a Tuesday afternoon purely for study, you’re setting yourself up to be ahead in classes and have assignments complete DAYS before they’re due. I’ve already finished one presentation this way…now that’s a sentence I never thought I’d get to say. 


My biggest tip is to just stick with it. The more you try to stay organised, the better you’ll get at it. Use your diary and weekly planner, get your books in order and manage your time more effectively and before you know it, you’ll be at the top of the class and stress will be miles away.

Wish me luck in staying organised! I’ll need it…

And let me know if this works for you as well! :mrgreen: xx


What Do You Do When You Lose Interest In Your Course?

Like most uni students right now, I feel like I’ve lost my passion for what I’m studying. I used to love writing and story planning and that kind of thing but lately I’ve been so unmotivated and I feel like I’ve lost all interest in what I’m studying.

It seems to be this time of year that it happens to almost everyone so at least I’m not alone in it. Finishing the semester feels about as likely as me climbing mount everest but I’ve conjured some ways to refresh myself and renew my love of writing.

Here are some ways to help get you through the rest of the semester. 

1. Remind yourself why you’re there. You chose to study your course for a reason. Go back to how you felt at the beginning of your course and think about why you chose this subject.

2. Remember that you’re not alone.
Like I said before, almost everyone has hit a brick wall at the moment. With a flood of assignments pending and the pressure of exams building, we have every right to be a bit stressed.

3. The glass is half full.
Don’t think ‘Oh crap, there’s still x amount of weeks left of the semester.’ Think of it as ‘Oh wow! Only x amount of weeks until I get a well deserved break.’

4. De-stress at home.
The best thing you can do to refresh yourself is to RELAX. And although this might seem impossible now, after spending some time with friends or watching your favourite movie with your boyfriend, it won’t seem so difficult.

I cannot stress this enough. One thing that I’ve noticed is that I haven’t been sleeping very well which has resulted in napping all day on Sundays. Oops. Make sure you get to bed at a certain time and allow enough time for you to get those all important 8 hours of sleep.

6. Write.
This one is mostly for me but can be applied to other courses. Put some time aside every week to do just that. Start off with 1-2 hours then try increasing it until you’re feeling happy about doing it.

I hope this helps any of you who are feeling a bit unmotivated to finish the semester. Just remember that holidays are soon and they will be glorious. Keep that in your mind and before you know it, you’ll be realxing on a beach in Hawaii without a care in the world.

Happy studying! 🙂 x

How To Survive Your First Day of Uni

It’s all happening guys! Uni is just around the corner for all of the Higher Ed students which just so happens to include a lot of my friends. Lucky for me, I started 2 weeks ago so I don’t have to stress about tomorrow. But, for those of you who haven’t started yet and have a lot of anxiety about it, here’s how to survive it.

1. Say hi to people.
Don’t be that awkward person in the corner! Go and talk to someone or make an effort to get to know the people in your course. There’s no point being alone the whole time when you could be making friends.

2. Be yourself.
Don’t start putting on a show for your peers. There’s a reason they’re in that course so try connecting with them over that instead of trying to impress them by being someone else.

3. Use the map.
If they give you a campus map, use that thing. Don’t try to be proud and think that you don’t need it because let me tell you, you will need it. Speaking from experience, keep it with you for a while, just in case.

4. Bring a pen and a book.
You never know what you might need to write down. For me, in my writing course, it’s essential to have something to write on in case inspiration strikes but it can be just as handy for those studying something else as well.

5. Have fun!
Uni is honestly so much fun. Sure, the classes or lectures might be boring but you’re there for a reason so just enjoy it. You never know where your course will take you so make the most of it.

Thanks for reading today guys! If you’re starting uni tomorrow then I wish you the very best of luck!